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The Armenian Liturgy offers a unique opportunity for listeners to experience the rich and sacred music of the Armenian Orthodox Church, bringing a sense of spiritual connection and reverence to the home. The Holy Apostolic Church of Armenia's centuries-old tradition is marvelouslypreserved in this beautiful performance by the Bulgarian Armenian Orthodox Choir, capturing the essence and spirit of the ancient Armenian liturgical tradition.

Experience the timeless beauty and spirituality of the Armenian Liturgy with this exceptional recording.


Armenian Liturgy

  • [1] Glory to You, Lord / Gloire à Toi, Seigneur 5'41"

    [2] The Body of Our Lord / Le Corps de Notre Seigneur 2'01"

    [3] Cherubic Hymn / Le chant des chérubins 4'50"

    [4] Christ Has Come Among Us / Christ est venu parmi nous 1'30"

    [5] Mercy, Peace and Blessed Sacrifice / Miséricorde, Paix et Saint Sacrifice 1'58"

    [6] Holy, Holy Lord / Saint, Saint le Seigneur 11'06"

    [7] The Lord's Holy Spirit / L'Esprit Saint de Seigneur 4'20"

    [8] Spiritual Dialogue / Dilague spirituel

    (Amen for Your Soul / Amen pour l'âme) 5'25"

    [9] Our Father / Notre Père 5'51"

    [10] Amen, Holy Father / Amen, Père Saint 7'14"

    [11] Be Blessed, Our Lord / Dieu, sois béni 6'19"

    [12] We Shall Be Glad in Thee, Lord / Nous serons heureux en Toi, Seigneur 5'11"

    DDD 61'38"

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