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Christ's birth is one of the most glorious Christian holidays. The holiday church service within the Orthodox tradition is accompanied with very beautiful chants. The works performed are usually by anonymous authors or Bulgarian and Russian composers from the end of 19th and the beginning of 20th centuries. In most cases they know thoroughly the exigencies of the church canon. That is the reason for this music to have such a purifying effect not only on the believers but on the admirers of good music too. For all of them is the release dedicated to the 2000 anniversary of Christ's birth, containing music by Ivan Petrov-Iochan. The liturgy is created by a contemporary composer, which is an exceptionally rare phenomenon for the work of the Bulgarian composers from the end of the 20th century. One must have courage to interfere in such a delicate and severely canonical matter. Besides, one needs serious training, profound knowledge and a sense of proportion to feel to what extent to use secular intonations. Therefore the connoisseurs of Orthodox musical tradition will be pleasantly surprised by the skill of Ivan Petrov-Iochan, who combines the exigencies of the Orthodox Church with elements of the secular vocal music. The education the composer received at the Seminary and the Theological Academy in Sofia, and his practice in the most famous Bulgarian choirs (the Svetoslav Obretenov Bulgarian Philharmonic Choir, Joan Kukuzel Angeloglasniat, Gusla, Kaval, the choir to the Alexander Nevsky Memorial Cathedral, the choir of the Opera Theatre in Sofia, etc.) are the base on which he builds up his work. The sound is very authentic, thanks to the exclamations and the chime of the bells, as in a true holiday liturgy.


  • Track Listing

    [1] Rozhdestvo Hristovo / Christ's Nativity - Troparion 1'29''

    [2] Velika Ektenia / Great Litany 6'29''

    [3] Molitvami Bogoroditsi/With Prayers to the Holy Mother Of God 0'36''

    [4] Malka Ektenia No. 2small Litany No. 1 1'47''

    [5] Slava Edinorodnii / Glory To The Only-Begotten Son 1'50''

    [6] Malka Ektenia / Small Litany No. 2 1'42''

    [7] Vo Tsarstvii Tvoem / In Thy Kingdom 2'47''

    [8] Priidite Poklonimsya / Come, Let Us Worship 1'23''

    [9] Svyatii Bozhe / Holy God 2'40''

    [10] Suguba Ektenia / Litany Of Fervent Supplication 1'48''

    [11] Heruvimska No. 1 / Cherubic Song No. 1 5'43''

    [12] Ektenia / Litany 2'17''

    [13] Ottsa I Sina / The Father and the Son 0'28''

    [14] Veruyu / Credo 8'14''

    [15] Milost Mira / Mercy of Peace 5'06''

    [16] Tebe Poem / We Sing to You 4'14''

    [17] Dostoino Est / Meet It Is 2'01''

    [18] Prositelna Ektenia / Litany of Supplication 3'03''

    [19] Orche Nash / The Lord's Prayer 3'22''

    [20] Edin Svyat / One World 0'47''

    [21] Vnushi Bozhe / Induce, O Lord 5'42''

    [22] Mnogaya Leta / Grant O Lord, Many Years 2'59''

    DDDD 66'30''

  • Participating

    Soloists: Ivan Petrov-Iochan (bass), Nikola Ghiuselev (bass),

    Nikolina Pankova (soprano), Noi Nikolov (tenor),

    Alexandrina Milcheva (mezzo-soprano)

    Exaltations: Ivan Petrov-Iochan, Noi Nikolov

    Bells: Maria Zabova-Petrova

    Members of the Svetoslav Obretenov National Philharmonic Choir

    Georgi Robev, conductor

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