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Introducing the Apostol Nikolaev-Stroumsky · Liturgy, a stunning collection of traditional East-Orthodox chants arranged by renowned composer Prof. Stoyan Kralev. Founder of the Madrigal Choir, Kralev has dedicated his career to popularizing Renaissance and Baroque vocal art, as well as presenting the most valuable pieces of Bulgarian and Slavic church singing. This collection features beautifully harmonized chants that capture the solemnity and spiritual depth of the liturgy. The album features basic and traditional chants that are arranged according to the canons of East-Orthodox Christianity.

Apostol Nikolaev-Stroumsky · Liturgy

  • [1] Velikoe slavoslovie (Great Doxology) 10'30''

    [2] Velika ektenia (Great Litany) 8'23''

    [3] Blagoslovi doushe moya Gospoda i malka ektenia (Lord, Bless My Soul and Small Litany) 4'24''

    [4] Slava i Edinorodnii Sine (Glory and One-Begotten Son) 2'01''

    [5] Vo tsarstvii Tvoem (In Thy Kingdom) 3'14''

    [6] Priidite poklonimsya (Thy We Revere) 3'44''

    [7] Suguba ektenia (Litany of Supplication) 3'57''

    [8] Herouvimska pesen i Yako da Tzarya (Cheroubkin and As You Reign) 5'07''

    [9] Veruyu (Credo) 5'04''

    [10] Milost mira, Tebe poem (Mercy of Peace) 6'26''

    [11] Dostoino est (Meet It Is in Truth to Bless You) 1'57''

    [12] Otche nash (Our Father) 4'28''

    [13] Hvalite Gospoda s nebes (Glory to the Lord in the Highest) 3'23''

    [14] Otpust (Final Prayer) 5'34''

    DDD 68'22''

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