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Beethoven & Schumann · Vesselin Stanev, Piano

Experience the mastery of Vesselin Stanev with the Beethoven & Schumann piano collection. This exceptional recording showcases Stanev's remarkable talent.  From the emotive and dramatic works of Beethoven to the nuanced and introspective pieces of Schumann, Stanev's virtuosity shines through in every note. With this recording, you can immerse yourself in the powerful emotion and technical brilliance of one of the most breathtaking piano performers of our time.

Beethoven & Schumann · Vesselin Stanev, Piano



[1] Eroica Variations, op. 35 20'48''


Kreisleriana, op. 16

[2] Äußerst bewegt 2'14''

[3] Sehr innig und nicht zu rasch 7'54''

[4] Sehr aufgeregt 3'57''

[5] Sehr langsam 3'10''

[6] Sehr lebhaft 2'49''

[7] Sehr langsam, durchaus leise zu halten 3'20''

[8] Sehr rasch 1'55''

[9] Schnell und spielend 3'09''

DDD 49'16''

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