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Bulgarian Musical Folklore, Vol. 1

The CD showcases the rich and diverse musical heritage of Bulgaria, with a focus on authentic and traditional performances. From lively dance tunes to soulful ballads, this collection offers a captivating insight into the unique and vibrant world of Bulgarian folk music. Bulgarian Musical Folklore, Vol. 1 celebrates the timeless beauty of Bulgarian musical traditions. With its expertly curated selection of tracks, this album is a testament to the enduring power and appeal of Bulgarian folk music.

Bulgarian Musical Folklore, Vol. 1

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  • [1] Krushovensko horo 4'18''

    [2] Selo, selo 3'07''

    [3] Sednal mi Damyan chorbadji 4'15''

    [4] Bouchimish 3'24''

    [5] Svirchitse ne zasvirevai 1'25''

    [6] Opas 2'46''

    [7] Severnyashka suite 4'22''

    [8] Bre Petrunko 1'23''

    [9] Paidushko horo 2'44''

    [10] Bre Ivane 2'29''

    [11] Concerto Piece for Folk Orchestra 5'39''

    [12] Furuglitsa treperti and Teche mi voda studena 3'28''

    [13] Makedonski vihar 3'12''

    [14] Tri momi 1'22''

    [15] Shepherd's song, svornato and Pravo horo 4'35''

    [16] Molih ta, maicho and Son mi doide na ochise 3'50''

    [17] Balkandjiisko horo 2'44''

    [18] Severnyashki motifs 6'28''

    DDD 61'31''

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