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The second programme of the series Bulgarian Musical Folklore presents the wealth of Bulgarian folk music. Apart from authentic songs from the Shoppe region, the CD also includes recordings of folk songs which have been arranged, and composers’ works based on folklore from North Bulgaria, Thrace, the Shoppe region, and the Rhodopes. They all show the natural development of folk art, which has reached us anonymously and has been continued by talented contemporary performers and composers. Their remarkable achievements reveal the whole creative method connected with the song – from its creation to its life on stage and in society.


  • Track Listing

    [1] Pravo Miziisko Horo (Straight Horo from Moesia) 3’20’’

    [2] Sevdim Kalyo  5’42”

    [3] Authentic Songs from the Shoppe Region 3’04’’

    [4] Danubian Daichovo Horo 3’27’’

    [5] Yankin brat Yanki dumashe (Yanka’s Brother Said to Yanka) 3’56’’

    [6] Gaidine sviryat (Gaida Bagpipes Are Playing) 1’34’’

    [7] Petrunino Horo 2’33’’

    [8] Polegnala e Tudora (Tudora Lay Down) 4’03’’

    [9] Delchovo Horo  4’26’’

    [10] Che da ti kupim bela seitsa (I Shall Buy You a White Shirt) 2’18’’

    [11] Shoppe, Shoppe – music Stefan Mutafchiev 3’19’’

    [12] Gulubi goukat (The Pigeons Are Cooing) 4’27’’

    [13] Sobrali sa se, sobrali (They Have Gathered Together) 2’18’’

    [14] Bouenek 3’14’’

    [15] Mito mori (Hey, Mito) 1’51’’

    [16] Soloists’ Suite 6’39’’

    DDD 56'14''

  • Participating

    Wind Orchestra, Trakia Ensemble – Plovdiv, Sorina Bogomilova, Sofia Ilieva, Monika Stoyanova, Reni Pavlova, Kunka Zhelyazkova, Stoyanka Doseva, Nikolina Raikova, Todorka Momcheva, Rhodopea Kaba Trio, Horo Orchestra – Rousse, Philip Koutev Ensemble, Choir of Dobroudja Ensemble – Dobrich, Delcho Mitev, Dimitar Milarov, Alexander Raichev
    Conductors: Hristofor Radanov, Stefan Dragostinov, Vassil Purvanov, Kostadin Buradjiev, Dimitar Hristov, Elena Kouteva, Georgi Andreev, Tsvetan Tsvetkov, Stefan Mutafchiev

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