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Introducing the Crystal Dream · Piano Works by Albena Vratchanska, a stunning collection of contemporary piano compositions by the talented composer and musician. In this collection, listeners can expect to be enchanted by the intricate and emotive piano pieces that truly capture the essence of Vratchanska's musical vision. The pieces are beautifully performed by the incredibly talented Romain Nosaum, a Swiss-born pianist who has studied at prestigious conservatories across Europe and has graced audiences with his captivating performances throughout the continent. From delicate and introspective melodies to powerful and dramatic compositions, this album is a true testament to the beauty and versatility of modern piano music.

Crystal Dream · Piano Works by Albena Vratchanska

  • [1] Crystal Dream (2013) 5:43

    [2] Mystery Dream (2015) 8:31

    [3] Burning Shadows (2013) 12:20

    [4] Just Shadows (2014) 7:06

    Hidden Letters (2015)

    [5] R like Remember 1:16

    [6] O like Only 3:12

    [7] M like Me 3:36

    [8] E like Eternally 3:51

    [9] O like Obsession 1:53

    [10] Wait, Please (2014) 5:01

    DDD 52:37

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