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Albena Petrovic Vratchanska has been living and working in Luxembourg for 20 years. She graduated in Bulgaria in Composition and Music Writing and has composed more than 600 works in various music genres. Her pedagogical career is dedicated to many projects, like the musical theatre for children “The Bunny in Love” and an illustrated musical book with a CD. Her music has been played by prominent performers from Europe, the USA and Australia: Francesco Tristano, Borislava Taneva, Fabio Schinazzi, Sabine Weyer, Susanne Kessel, Zala Kravos, Manou Walesch, Veselina Katsarova, Janschen Hoffmann, Michele Marelli, Marc Meyers, Vania Lecuit, Volodja Balzalorsky, Tom Braquet, Patrick Krysatis, ensemble LUCILIN, ensemble Noise W@tchers Unlimited, Ars Nova-Lux, etc.
The first album of Albena Petrovic Vratchanska includes 6 piano works, composed in the period 2013-2015. They are performed by the pianist Romain Nosaum. He was born in Switzerland and studied at the conservatories of Luxembourg, Metz, Bern and Basel; his teachers were many prominent piano pianists. Nosbaum has given concerts throughout Europe and Russia, both as a soloist and chamber musician. Albena Petrovic dedicated to him one of her piano pieces – the cycle “Hidden Letters”. The other works in this album have also been composed for or dedicated to certain pianists: Crystal Dream is written for the young pianist Zala Kravos; Mystery Dream is composed to be premiered by Abena Petrovic in Mackay, Australia and the European premiere is dedicated to Zala Kravos; Burning Shadows is composed for Francesco Tristano; Just Shadows – for Borisava Taneva, and Wait, Please is dedicated to the Belgian composer Danielle Baas.


  • Track Listing

    [1] Crystal Dream (2013) 5:43

    [2] Mystery Dream (2015) 8:31

    [3] Burning Shadows (2013) 12:20

    [4] Just Shadows (2014) 7:06

    Hidden Letters (2015)

    [5] R like Remember 1:16

    [6] O like Only 3:12

    [7] M like Me 3:36

    [8] E like Eternally 3:51

    [9] O like Obsession 1:53

    [10] Wait, Please (2014) 5:01

    DDD 52:37

  • Participating

    Romain Nosbaum, piano

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