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Combined with a bright, lyrical and powerful unique timbre of her voice Nadya Afeyan (1917-2000) has been praised by experts and fans of classical music for her incredible  dynamic range, and her ability to bring her characters to life. Her interpretations of the characters were so powerful and emotionally stirring that she is remembered as one of the greatest mezzo-sopranos of the 20th century.
With a rich palette of colors, masterful use of the timbre and volume of her voice, with charm and deep penetration into the role, she performed Princess Eboli from Don Carlos, the fortune teller Ulrika from Un ballo in Maschera, а remarkable Marfa in Khovanshchina (Mussorgsky), Maddalena – Rigoletto (Verdi), the free and temperamental gypsy woman Carmen in Bizet’s opera, the demonic Ortrud in Lohengrin (Wagner), Frau Reich – The Merry Wives of Windsor (Nicolai), Marina Mnishek – Boris Godunov (Mussorgsky), Vanya – Ivan Susanin (Glinka), Lyubasha – The Tsar’s Bride (Rimsky-Korsakov) and many more roles that have become historical examples of the highest musical and stage mastery.


The Famous Opera Voices of Bulgaria collection showcases the talent and artistry of Nadya Afeyan, allowing fans of classical music to experience the magic of her performances for years to come.

Famous Opera Voices of Bulgaria · Nadya Afeyan, mezzo-soprano

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