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Classic guitar was introduced into chamber music compositions during the 18th century in England and France. According to historic data it was a very popular instrument in Spain as far back as the 13th century. In the middle of the 19th century the guitar was somehow ignored as an instrument and interest to it was revived in the beginning of the 20th century by Francesco Tarrega and Andres Segovia. In recent times, classic guitar plays a permanent role in the musical culture of Europe.
One of the most active guitar performers is Finn Svit, Denmark. Along with his intensive concert carrier, he is a person who really popularizes the guitar worldwide. He has participated at masters classes, served as a jury member at different international competitions, read lectures, organized workshops throughout Europe. During his work he came in contact with many of his artistic colleagues, who share the same interest for the guitar. The present CD is a result of this co-work and the programme was recorded in Denmark, Germany, and Greece.
This CD is yet another contribution to popularizing guitar works, which was begun by Gega New and Finn Svit in their previous three releases: Treasures for Violin and Guitar, More Treasures for Violin and Guitar, and Guitar Impressions.


  • Track Listing

    Antonio Vivaldi

    [1] Largo from Lute Concerto in D Major 5'47''

    Domenico Cimarosa

    [2] Sonata No. 5 4'32''

    Johann Casper Mertz

    [3] Unruhe 3'07''

    [4] Am Graben der Geliebten 4'53''

    [5] Tarantella 5'15''

    Celso Machado

    [6] Corrente 3'01''

    [7] Imagens do Nordeste 6'07''

    Antonio Vivaldi

    [8] Adagio from Concerto for 2 Mandolins in G Major 3'47''

    John Johnson

    [9] The Flat Pavane 2'08''

    [10] Galliard to the Flat Pavane 1'35''

    William Lawes - Suite for Two Lutes

    [11] Corant I 1'12''

    [12] Almain 1'43''

    [13] Corant II 1'06''

    Enrique Granados

    [14] Dance Oriental,Op. 37, No. 2 4'58''

    Andrés Segovia

    [15] Divertimento 3'18''

    Len Williams

    [16] El Porto 1'46''

    [17] Siguidillas 0'59''

    Franz Schubert

    [18] Adagio from Sonate "Arpeggione" 4'01''

    Ferenc Farkas - Five Hungarian Dances from the 17th Century

    [19] Intrada 2'08''

    [20] Chorea 1'50''

    [21] Danse Hongroise 1'06''

    [22] Danse du Prince de Transylvanie 1'39''

    [23] Apor Lázár Tánca 1'13''

    Paul Hindemith

    [24] Rondo 2'25''

    Anonymous (Arr. Claus Jørgensen)

    [25] Two Guitars 1'00''

    DDD 70'36''

  • Performing artists

    Finn Svit (guitar), Jochen Brusch (violin), Mette Tjæreby (violin), Petko Genkov (guitar), Sven-Ingvart Mikkelsen (organ), Kalli Kastori (guitar), Bernd Ahlert (guitar), Bernard Hebb (guitar),Logumkloster Chamber Orchestra, "Trio Excelsa"

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