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Kalinka Zgurova · Folk Songs

Kalinka Zgurova's folk songs capture the essence of Bulgaria's rich musical tradition, particularly that of the Strandja region. Discovered by the legendary folk singer Sava Popsavov, Zgurova's talent was evident from a young age and has since become a staple in the world of Bulgarian folk music. Her unique voice and interpretation of traditional folk songs have made her a beloved figure in the country's music scene. With her first recording made while she was still a student, Zgurova quickly rose to prominence and has continued to enchant audiences with her soulful and authentic performances.

Kalinka Zgurova's Folk Songs album is a tribute to the rich cultural heritage of Bulgaria!

Kalinka Zgurova · Folk Songs


[1] Beautiful Rada Is Coming Up the Road – music Stefan Kanev 2’58”

[2] Nevena, First Love – music Kalinka Zgurova 4’59”

[3] Hey, Nikola – music Kalinka Zgurova 2’32”

[4] Todorka’s Mother – arranged by Kosta Kolev 3’14”

[5] Stoyan Is Getting Ready to Start – music Kalinka Zgurova 3’23”

[6] You Dark Forest – arranged by Boyan Nankov 4’00”

[7] Last Nignt I Stayed Late in Zagore – arranged by Kosta Kolev 2’52”

[8] Take Me, Stano – music Kalinka Zgurova 2’41”

[9] Todoro, deli Dimova – music Kalinka Zgurova 2’19”

[10] I Passed by Last Night, Mother – music Stefan Kanev 2’11”

[11] Zheko Was Grazing the Sheep – arranged by Boyan Nankov 4’47”

[12] Boyu, First Love – music Kalinka Zgurova 3’17”

[13] Hey, Dark-Eyed Todora – music Kalinka Zgurova 2’21”

[14] Who Is, Mother, Like Me – music Kalinka Zgurova 4’20”

[15] Hey, Beautiful Vida – music Kalinka Zgurova 3’25”

[16] They Have Got Together, Doine – music Kalinka Zgurova 3’09”

[17] Yana and Georgi Reaped – music Hristofor Radanov 3’22”

[18] You, Neda – music Kalinka Zgurova 2’29”

[19] They Loved Each Other – music Stefan Kanev 3’08”

soloists: Kalinka Zgurova and Kalinka Valcheva

DDD 61’37’’

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