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We cannot imagine Strandja without thinking of its unique songs and singers. One of them is Kalinka Zgurova, who was discovered for the professional stage by another great folk singer – Sava Popsavov. Their acquaintance determined the life and creative path of the singer. While still a student in the seventh grade at school she made her first recordings, and after high school she participated in a competition organized by Pirin Ensemble, Blagoevgrad, and this set the beginning of her professional career. This was followed by Zagore Ensemble, Stara Zagora, the ensemble of the Bulgarian National Radio, The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices, and Zornitsa Vocal Trio.
Kalinka Zgurova’s repertoire includes hundreds of folk songs which she learned from her family and elderly people from her native region, as well as many songs composed by her. Some of them have already been recorded on the Gega New label (GD 293, GD 338, GD 356), and this new release further enriches the collection with songs from her well-beloved Strandja mountain.


  • Track Listing

    [1] Beautiful Rada Is Coming Up the Road – music Stefan Kanev 2’58”

    [2] Nevena, First Love – music Kalinka Zgurova 4’59”

    [3] Hey, Nikola – music Kalinka Zgurova 2’32”

    [4] Todorka’s Mother – arranged by Kosta Kolev 3’14”

    [5] Stoyan Is Getting Ready to Start – music Kalinka Zgurova 3’23”

    [6] You Dark Forest – arranged by Boyan Nankov 4’00”

    [7] Last Nignt I Stayed Late in Zagore – arranged by Kosta Kolev 2’52”

    [8] Take Me, Stano – music Kalinka Zgurova 2’41”

    [9] Todoro, deli Dimova – music Kalinka Zgurova 2’19”

    [10] I Passed by Last Night, Mother – music Stefan Kanev 2’11”

    [11] Zheko Was Grazing the Sheep – arranged by Boyan Nankov 4’47”

    [12] Boyu, First Love – music Kalinka Zgurova 3’17”

    [13] Hey, Dark-Eyed Todora – music Kalinka Zgurova 2’21”

    [14] Who Is, Mother, Like Me – music Kalinka Zgurova 4’20”

    [15] Hey, Beautiful Vida – music Kalinka Zgurova 3’25”

    [16] They Have Got Together, Doine – music Kalinka Zgurova 3’09”

    [17] Yana and Georgi Reaped – music Hristofor Radanov 3’22”

    [18] You, Neda – music Kalinka Zgurova 2’29”

    [19] They Loved Each Other – music Stefan Kanev 3’08”

    soloists: Kalinka Zgurova and Kalinka Valcheva

    DDD 61’37’’

  • Participating

    Kalinka Valcheva, Bulgarian National Radio Folk Songs Ensemble,Bulgarian National Radio Folk Orchestra, orchestra

    Conductors: Lyuben Botusharov, Hristofor Radanov, Dimitar Lavchev, Boyan Nankov, Dobrin Panayotov, Emil Kolev, Dimitar Hristov, Stefan Mutafchiev

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