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Kalinka Zgurova is beloved by audiences for her powerful and emotive performances of traditional Bulgarian folk songs. In her latest album, My Lovely Strandja, Zgurova shares her personal connection to the music of the Strandja region, performing a selection of her favorite songs that showcase the rich cultural heritage of the area. With her captivating voice, Zgurova brings authenticity and passion to every track, inviting listeners to experience the beauty and emotion of Bulgarian folk music.

This album continues to showcase the enduring talent and legacy of one of Bulgaria's most treasured voices.

My Lovely Strandja · Kalinka Zgurova

  • [1] Go, Horse, to the Village 4’28”

    [2] What a Horo Is Swinging 2’22”

    [3] When Shall We Go, My Love 2’20”

    [4] They Loved Each Other 3’50”

    [5] Matchmakers Are Arranging a Marriage for Dona 3’24”

    [6] Hey, Tinka 2’17”

    [7] Zagorko, Take the Sheep to Graze 1’55”

    [8] Why Aren’t You Coming, Love 2’33”

    [9] Stoyan Was Sitting on the Boundary Strip 3’06”

    [10] Georgi Said to Denka 2’53”

    [11] My Love Is Saddling the Horse 4’12”

    [12] Beautiful Rada Is Coming Up the Road 2’22”

    [13] I Set-off from Istanbul Yesterday 3’11”

    [14] Todora Has Come to Know 2’52”

    [15] Dear Elenka, My Child 2’17”

    [16] You Lovely Fair Kalina 2’36”

    [17] Yana, Get up and Open the Door 2’05”

    [18] You Beautiful Stanka 2’26”

    [19] Doyno Said to Kalina 2’04”

    [20] Stoyan Was Going Through the Forest 2’48”

    DDD Total: 56’11’’

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