The famous Strandja singer Kalinka Zgurova has included some of her favourite songs in her new album (Gega New has previously released two other programmes with her songs: GD 293 and GD 338). We have been hearing her sparkling and warm voice for over 45 years now. A star singer of Pirin Ensemble, the Bulgarian National Radio Ensemble and the well-known Mystery of Bulgarian Voices Choir, Kalinka brought fame to the Strandja folklore while performing at many Bulgarian and world stages. She began her career by singing the songs of her grandmother Kalina and of her relatives from her native village of Debelt. Her repertoire gradually increased but it always remained within the boundaries of her beloved Strandja region. Her extensive experience as a performer naturally leads to her creative involvement in the lyrics and music of ancient folk music samples, and she soon started to make her own compositions and lyrics just as her unknown predecessors did. Today many of her author’s songs have become popular and they are valued by the lovers of Strandja music just as the authentic folk pieces. Some of them, arranged by the composer Stefan Kanev, are included in this programme.


  • Track Listing

    [1] Go, Horse, to the Village 4’28”

    [2] What a Horo Is Swinging 2’22”

    [3] When Shall We Go, My Love 2’20”

    [4] They Loved Each Other 3’50”

    [5] Matchmakers Are Arranging a Marriage for Dona 3’24”

    [6] Hey, Tinka 2’17”

    [7] Zagorko, Take the Sheep to Graze 1’55”

    [8] Why Aren’t You Coming, Love 2’33”

    [9] Stoyan Was Sitting on the Boundary Strip 3’06”

    [10] Georgi Said to Denka 2’53”

    [11] My Love Is Saddling the Horse 4’12”

    [12] Beautiful Rada Is Coming Up the Road 2’22”

    [13] I Set-off from Istanbul Yesterday 3’11”

    [14] Todora Has Come to Know 2’52”

    [15] Dear Elenka, My Child 2’17”

    [16] You Lovely Fair Kalina 2’36”

    [17] Yana, Get up and Open the Door 2’05”

    [18] You Beautiful Stanka 2’26”

    [19] Doyno Said to Kalina 2’04”

    [20] Stoyan Was Going Through the Forest 2’48”

    DDD Total: 56’11’’

  • Participating

    Zornitsa Trio, Bulgarian National Radio Folk Songs Ensemble

    Conductors: Kosta Kolev, Boyan Nankov, Dobrin Panayotov,

    Lyuben Botusharov, Emil Kolev