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Discover the remarkable compositions of Miroslav Danev in this orchestral and chamber works collection. Spanning over two decades, the orchestral and chamber works offer a glimpse into the creativity and artistry of one of Bulgaria's most distinguished contemporary composers. From the grandeur of symphonies to the intimacy of chamber music, Danev's works are a testament to his mastery of composition and ability to evoke deep emotion through music. From symphonies and string orchestra pieces to chamber works for wind quintet and string quartet, Danev's music offers an intricate and captivating journey through instrumental compositions. Dive into the world of Danev's sonatas and piano pieces, and experience the rich and evocative storytelling through his masterful compositions.

Miroslav Danev · Orchestral & Chamber Works

  • [1] AEON for Symphony Orchestra 22’57’’

    [2] KARNUSHKA for Symphony Orchestra 4’37’’

    Passacagliaand Toccata for Symphony Orchestra

    [3] Passacaglia 7’33’’

    [4] Toccata 5’55’’

    Wind Quintet

    [5] Allegro agitato 4’15’’

    [6] Lento – Allegro vivace 5’01’’

    Sonata for Flute and Piano

    [7] Allegro moderato 4’45’’

    [8] Largo sostenuto 3’39’’

    [9] Allegro scherzando 5’08’’

    [10] String Quartet 12’53’’

    DDD: 76’43’’

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