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Chamber-instrumental works created by Milcho Leviev, the well-known Bulgarian composer who has lived for many years in the USA, are presented in this CD. The release gives an idea of the varied author's endeavours, and indicates the directions of his creativity towards a harmony between form and emotional content. Characteristic for Leviev's style is the diversity of compositional methods used; his melody and the way it is displayed in the musical space are impressive features as well. Anyone who hears the programme will get an idea of the emotional nature of Milcho Leviev, who skillfully creates psychological conditions.


  • Track Listing

    [1] A Child's Day - 7 miniatures for harp, vibraphone, viola, and bass clarinet 11'10''

    [2] Augsburg Polka 3'46''

    [3] Nocturno (The Winter of Our Discontent) 4'15''

    [4] String Quartet in 4 movements 16'50''

    [5] Night Mood 2'15''

    [6] Reflected Meditation 3'26''

    [7] Toccatina (1958) 2'26''

    [8] Sonata for Violin & Piano – Allegro, Andante, Prestissimo 18'45''

    [9] Brothers 3'22''

    DDD 66'45''

  • Performed by

    Milcho Leviev (piano), Vessela Trichkova (harp), Rumyana Mihailova (vibraphone), Valentin Gerov (viola), Peter Vassilev (bass clarinet), Anatoli Krastev (violoncello), Pavel Zlatarov (violin), Milena Zlatarova (violin), Ivan Dyakov (violin), Elena Dyakova (violoncello), Boyan Lechev (Violin)

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