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The Milcho Leviev · Chamber Music CD features a collection of chamber-instrumental works created by the renowned Bulgarian composer, Milcho Leviev, who has made a significant impact on the music world during his years living in the USA. This release offers a glimpse into the diverse creative endeavors of Leviev, showcasing his ability to balance form and emotional depth within his compositions. Listeners can expect to experience the fusion of traditional chamber music elements with Leviev's unique artistic vision, resulting in a harmonious and captivating musical journey. From delicate piano melodies to stirring string arrangements, this CD highlights the breadth of Leviev's talent and his mastery of contemporary classical music.

Milcho Leviev · Chamber Music

  • [1] A Child's Day - 7 miniatures for harp, vibraphone, viola, and bass clarinet 11'10''

    [2] Augsburg Polka 3'46''

    [3] Nocturno (The Winter of Our Discontent) 4'15''

    [4] String Quartet in 4 movements 16'50''

    [5] Night Mood 2'15''

    [6] Reflected Meditation 3'26''

    [7] Toccatina (1958) 2'26''

    [8] Sonata for Violin & Piano – Allegro, Andante, Prestissimo 18'45''

    [9] Brothers 3'22''

    DDD 66'45''

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