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Pirin Ensemble, founded over 55 years ago in Blagoevgrad, is one of the most renowned and attractive Bulgarian folklore formations. The ensemble's repertoire includes original songs and dances from the Pirin region as well as music from other folk areas. The DVD "Old Treasure" is an album that gathers the best of Pirin Ensemble's performances over the years, showing the beauty and uniqueness of Bulgarian folklore.

PIRIN, the Bulgarian ensemble for songs and dances, is a generous gift to the world! – This recognition comes from Columbia Concert House, USA and it summarizes in one sentence the creative achievements of the ensemble and its impact on the viewers.

Get lost in the melodic tunes and passionate rhythms of the Pirin Ensemble today!


  • Track Listing

    DO NOT FILL WATER, MAIDEN - music: Petyo Krastev 6’56’’
    choreography: Nikolai Tsvetkov, Georgi Garov

    THE FIELD OF SKLAVE VILLAGE - arrangement: Petyo Krastev 3’06’’

    A HERO LIES - arrangement: Petyo Krastev 3’09’’

    A BATTLE STARTED - music: Petyo Krastev 5’29’’
    choreography: Nikolai Tsvetkov, Georgi Garov

    I LISTEN TO YOUR SAD VOICE - music: Petyo Krastev 5’03’’
    choreography: Nikolai Tsvetkov, Georgi Garov

    HARVEST - music: Marin Goleminov 1’46’’
    choreography: Todor Bekirski

    DOBROUDZHA INHABITANTS - music: Dancho Radulov 5’59’’
    choreography: Todor Bekirski

    WALLACHIAN WOMEN - music: Petyo Krastev 6’16’’
    choreography: Todor Bekirski

    SOLDIERS FROM THE SHOPLUK - music: Rossen Genkov 6’32’’
    choreography: Todor Bekirski

    MARKO SAT DOWN TO HAVE SUPPER - arrangement: Petyo Krastev 4’06’’

    THEY GATHERED - arrrangement: Matyo Dobrev 3’24’’

    THRACIAN DANCE - music: Matyo Dobrev 9’09’’

    FIFTY HEROES DRINK WINE - arrangement: Petyo Krastev 7’05’’
    choreography: Todor Bekirski

    BENDING AND WRITHING IN THREE LINES - music: Petyo Krastev 7’55’’
    choreography: Georgi Garov

    THE VOICE OF PIRIN - music: Kiril Stefanov 2’14’’

    Total: 80’37’’

  • Participating

    Chief Artistic Director and Orchestra Conductor: Petyo Krastev
    Chief Choreographer: Todor Bekirski
    Choir Master: Yolanta Lazarova

    Soloist:Zdravko Mandadzhiev, Stoyka Germanova, Dimana Boyanova, Tanya Kostova Yuri Krumov, Miroslav Yugovski

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