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The Pirin Folk Song, featured on Gega New, showcases the best characteristics of the Macedonian vocal tradition. It incorporates a rich rhythmic and metric palette, broad tonal volume, ornamentation, and melodic line, all while staying close to the culture of the city type. This particular style of folk song has been upheld and preserved by numerous performers who have dedicated themselves to maintaining its special vocal manner. The Pirin Folk Song is a must-have for anyone looking to experience the beauty and depth of Bulgarian folk music.

Pirin Folk Song

  • [1] Kako shto e taya chasha polna so vino - Arranged by Kiril Ivanov 3'20''

    [2] Site momi tikveshanki - Arranged by Hristofor Radanov 2'33''

    [3] More pile, slavei pile - Arranged by Ivan Pavlov 3'28''

    [4] Sadila Dimka bosilche - Arranged by Emil Kolev 3'27"

    [5] Oi, Veliko - Arranged By Emil Kolev 2'56"

    [6] Shto mi e milo i drago - Arranged by Emil Kolev 5'08''

    [7] Tragnala e moma Ruma - Arranged by Alexander Kokareshkov 4'34''

    [8] Tragnah s gaida sharena - * * * 2'24''

    [9] Bilyana platno beleshe - Arranged by Emil Kolev 5'16''

    [10] Mitro le, Mitro - Arranged by Metodi Lozanski 1'51''

    [11] More sokol pie voda na Vardarot - Arranged by Kosta Kolev 4'06''

    [12] Yovano, Yovanke - Arranged by Kosta Kolev 3'06''

    [13] Smilyana - Arranged by Ivan Marin 3'50''

    [14] V gradina moma sedeshe - Arranged by Emil Kolev 3'33''

    [15] Oi, Devoiche - Arranged by Stefan Kunev 3'15''

    [16] Katushe, pusto katushe - Arranged by Ivan Marin 3'46''

    DDD 57'00''

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