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The Macedonian folk songs are a phenomenon in the tradition of three Balkan states: Greece, Macedonia and Bulgaria. Despite the state boundaries, the songs from Aegean, Vardar and Pirin Macedonia go far beyond them and are sung and listened to with equal success everywhere. Doubtless is the fact that in Bulgaria they are the closest to the original, without the influence of the other folk regions. Although in the Pirin region these songs live together with more ancient and primitive models, they differ greatly from them in terms of mode and melody. And this release of Gega New features the best characteristics of the Macedonian vocal tradition: a rich rhythmic and metric palette, broad tonal volume, ornamentation and melodic line, close to the culture of the city type. Special mentioning deserves the contribution of dozens of performers for the preservation of the special vocal manner which is compulsory for these songs. That is why this CD is valuable not only for the pearls of Macedonian music included in it but also for the interpretation of the most remarkable singers and instrumentalists, known and loved far beyond the boundaries of Bulgaria.


  • Track Listing

    [1] Kako shto e taya chasha polna so vino - Arranged by Kiril Ivanov 3'20''

    [2] Site momi tikveshanki - Arranged by Hristofor Radanov 2'33''

    [3] More pile, slavei pile - Arranged by Ivan Pavlov 3'28''

    [4] Sadila Dimka bosilche - Arranged by Emil Kolev 3'27"

    [5] Oi, Veliko - Arranged By Emil Kolev 2'56"

    [6] Shto mi e milo i drago - Arranged by Emil Kolev 5'08''

    [7] Tragnala e moma Ruma - Arranged by Alexander Kokareshkov 4'34''

    [8] Tragnah s gaida sharena - * * * 2'24''

    [9] Bilyana platno beleshe - Arranged by Emil Kolev 5'16''

    [10] Mitro le, Mitro - Arranged by Metodi Lozanski 1'51''

    [11] More sokol pie voda na Vardarot - Arranged by Kosta Kolev 4'06''

    [12] Yovano, Yovanke - Arranged by Kosta Kolev 3'06''

    [13] Smilyana - Arranged by Ivan Marin 3'50''

    [14] V gradina moma sedeshe - Arranged by Emil Kolev 3'33''

    [15] Oi, Devoiche - Arranged by Stefan Kunev 3'15''

    [16] Katushe, pusto katushe - Arranged by Ivan Marin 3'46''

    DDD 57'00''

  • Performed by

    Vessela and Lyuben Bojkov, Ignat Videnov, Gancho Nikolov, Gotse Delchev Ensemble – Sofia, Folk Song Ensemble – Razlog,Atanaska Dimitrova and Dimitar Kolarov, Kostadin Gougov, Maria Tomova and Zhivka Gavrilova, Emil Ristoskov, Folk Ensemble – Sandanski, Lyubka Rondova, Ilia Argirov, Angel Mitrev
    Accompanied by: Orchestra of the Radio and TV Centre – Blagoevgrad,Kiril Traikov (tamboura), Gotse Delchev Ensemble – Sofia Conductors: Kiril Ivanov, Hristofor Radanov, Lyuben Tachev, Emil Kolev, Nikola Vaklinov, Metodi Lozanski, Kosta Kolev, Ivan Marin

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