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 Gerhard Reichenbach & Rossen Balkanski · Guitar Music

Experience the unique and captivating guitar compositions of Gerhard Reichenbach & Rossen Balkanski. In a country where guitar music compositions are not as traditional as in Western Europe, this release is a rare and special event. The talented Rossen Balkanski, the composer behind the music, is also a skilled concert guitarist, bringing a depth of understanding and emotion to each performance. With a perfect blend of technical skill and artistry, this collection of guitar music is a must-have for any classical music enthusiast. Immerse yourself in the exquisite melodies and intricate harmonies of these Bulgarian compositions and let Gerhard Reichenbach & Rossen Balkanski take you on a musical journey like no other.

Gerhard Reichenbach & Rossen Balkanski · Guitar Music


[1] Scherzo 3’59’’

[2] Nocturne 3’58’’

[3] Rachenitza 2’51’’

Balkanska Sonata

[4] Spirituoso 11’17’’

[5] Lamento 13’57’’

[6] Diabolico 10’31’’

[7] Canto (Epilogo) 7’13’’

DDD 53’50’’

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