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This 8CD collection of FAMOUS OPERA VOICES OF BULGARIA is a must-have for any fan of classical music. It highlights the best of Bulgarian opera, with performances from the enchanting arias and duets from some of the world’s most beloved operas. Discover some of the most sublime and breath-taking operatic performances from the legendary singers. All of the recordings have been remastered for optimal sound quality, so you can enjoy the full range of the powerful and emotive voices of Bulgaria.

This 8CDs is a unique compilation of the voices of some of the most renowned Bulgarian opera stars from the past. It is the perfect gift for anyone who loves opera and wants to discover the richness of Bulgarian culture. With this collection, you can experience the greatness of Bulgarian opera from the comfort of your home. Get ready to be transported to a world of opera and beauty.



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  • CD's

    · DIMITAR UZUNOV, tenor This CD contains recordings of some of the most celebrated and magnificently interpreted arias of the great Bulgarian tenor.

    · YULIA WIENER-CHENISHEVA, soprano The album includes recordings of the renowned opera singer whose name is synonymous with exceptional professionalism and great art of singing.

    · LYUBOMIR BODUROV, tenor The maestro represents one of the golden voices of Bulgarian opera and has left an individual brilliant trace in the history of Bulgarian performing arts.

    · ASEN SILIMSKI, bariton The CD proves in a categorical way the great talent of the Maestro, who is an artist and singer with a powerful, beautiful timbre and expressive voice.

    · LYLIANA BAREVA, soprano The opera diva has a place in the history of Bulgarian opera art not only with her magnificent incarnations but also as an elegant and magnificent chamber performer.

    · NIKOLA NIKOLOV, tenor The release features one of the most significant opera arias performed by the lyrical tenor.

    · NADYA AFEYAN, mezzo-soprano – By listening to the album you can enjoy the most famous arias performed by the opera diva throughout her whole singing career.

    · ILIYA YOSSIFOV, tenor – The Master of the lyrical repertoire is not one of the golden voices of the Bulgarian opera, but also as a vocal teacher he is among the founders of the national singing school.

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