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Many famous music performers in Bulgaria come from Strandja. Manol Mihailov is one of them. He belongs to the singers of the middle generation and was born and raised in the heart of the mountain, in the village of Gramatikovo. Although his professional career is connected with another sphere, his life has always been involved with folk music. The singer feels deep respect for the music we have inherited. According to him, the old melodies and the authentic lyrics play an equal part in building up the folk-musical dialect of Strandja. By tracing out and recording over 500 samples of Strandja folk songs, Manol Mihailov promoted them on stage, radio, television, gramophone records, cassettes and CDs. He has also written a book called “Strandja Folk Song.”
In the album “Fiery Strandja”, Manol Mihailov presents well-known and less familiar Strandja songs. They have been recorded very close to the authentic source and they send us back in time when they were an integral part of the life of Strandja people.


  • Track Listing

    [1] Mando, chasha sreburna (Manda, a Silver Cup) 3’02’’

    [2] Alen bijur v gradina (Scarlet Peony in a Garden) 2’44’’

    [3] Dunavo, Dunavo (Danube, Danube) 2’57’’

    [4] Bogorodichka milna, ta draga (Mother of God, Dear and Beloved) 4’45’’

    [5] Nadniknala se devoika (A Maiden Bent over the Well) 3’00’’

    [6] Mando, pusta Mando (Manda, You Cute Manda) 2’38’’

    [7] Mande le, muri hubava (You Beautiful Manda) 2’48’’

    [8] Otdolu ide pashata (The ‘Pasha’ is Coming up the Road) 4’16’’

    [9] Doshal e Kiryo Chongarski (Kiryo Chongarski Has Come) 2’45’’

    [10] Kukuvitsa kukashe (A Cuckoo Was Calling) 2’40’’

    [11] Gospod svetii sabral (God Called Together the Saints) 5’32’’

    [12] Kolibare, kato hodite (Cottagers, When you Go) 2’55’’

    [13] Dafinke, lyube (Dafinka, Love) 2’22’’

    [14] Dimitre, oilun, Dimitre (Dimitar, Really, Dimitar) 4’05’’

    [15] Bolna lezhi Yana (Yana is Lying Down Sick) 3’12’’

    [16] Oi, male, male (Oh, Dear Mother) 3’14’’

    [17] Donka za oda hodeshe (Donka Went to Fetch Water) 4’40’’

    DDD: 57’41’’

  • Participating

    Lyubomir Vladimirov (tambura), Rossen Genkov  (gadulka and tupan), Ivan Varimezov (gaida), Bisser Sokolov (gadulka), Balkana Instrumental Group, Sredets Orchestra, Bulgarian National Radio Folk Orchestra, Bulgaria Orchestra

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