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The Songs of Orpheus · Stoyan Varnaliev presents the beauty of Bulgarian folklore from the Thracain folk region. Featuring a collection of songs from the Yambol region, this album captures the distinct musical and dialect features of the area with its unique usage lending a specific character to each region. These timeless melodies are sure to transport listeners to another world of Bulgarian beauty and culture.An absolute must-have for all fans of Bulgarian folk music, The Songs of Orpheus · Stoyan Varnaliev is sure to delight.

The Songs of Orpheus · Stoyan Varnaliev

  • [1] Pogina moma dilyana - Arranged by Galya Petrova 3'01''

    [2] Dimo na rada dumashe - Arranged by Stoyan Varnaliev 3'26''

    [3] Ne omrazna li, doine le - Arranged by Stavri Ivanov 2'06''

    [4] Djenda na patya sedeshe - Arranged by Vladimir Vladimirov 4'20''

    [5] Voda teche - Arranged by Stoyan Varnaliev 2'54''

    [6] Taz kuta - Arranged by Ivan Georgiev 5'27''

    [7] Kostadin si konya kove - Arranged by Vladimir Vladimirov 2'34''

    [8] Karala Donka goveda - Arranged by Kalin Kirkov 4'45''

    [9] Pil Bogdan vino cherveno - Arranged by Galya Petrova 2'35''

    [10] Haide Goche - Arranged by Stoyan Varnaliev 4'10''

    [11] Razbolyala sa e Ganka - Arranged by Ivan Georgiev 2'29''

    [12] Mama si stana budeshe - Arranged by Vladimir Vladimirov 5'04''

    [13] Prosadi, sinko, tui bulche - Arranged by Ivan Georgiev 3'11''

    [14] Dobre mi doshel Draginko - Arranged by Galya Petrova 4'23''

    [15] Bulya Stoyan dumashe - Arranged by Stoyan Varnaliev 2'48''

    DDD 53'13''

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