The Thracain folk region is the biggest and the most varied in Bulgaria. Due to its vast territory, it is naturally divided into sub-regions. In them the common musical and dialect features prevail, yet their unique usage lends specific colour to each region. In this regional variety, the Yambol region stands out with its distinctive folk music, yet few have been the singers who have managed to popularize it. That is why Gega New gladly agreed to record and release the first album of the young singer Stoyan Varnaliev. Born in 1968, Stoyan Varnaliev grew up with the songs of his native region and in particular with those of Valkana Stoyanova, a superb singer from the Yambol region, who has become a paragon of Thracian singing. The thrill with which the young singer sang her songs is easy to understand, and the experienced performer appreciated his natural talent and started working with him. Later she gave him as a present 80 of her songs, part of which she had never recorded. The pupil worthily continued the work of his teacher and the Yambol region has again a talented and characteristic representative.

The present programme will lend new life to the beauty of the Yambol folklore and will introduce to folk music lovers a performer, who has a lot to give to music.


  • Track Listing

    [1] Pogina moma dilyana - Arranged by Galya Petrova 3'01''

    [2] Dimo na rada dumashe - Arranged by Stoyan Varnaliev 3'26''

    [3] Ne omrazna li, doine le - Arranged by Stavri Ivanov 2'06''

    [4] Djenda na patya sedeshe - Arranged by Vladimir Vladimirov 4'20''

    [5] Voda teche - Arranged by Stoyan Varnaliev 2'54''

    [6] Taz kuta - Arranged by Ivan Georgiev 5'27''

    [7] Kostadin si konya kove - Arranged by Vladimir Vladimirov 2'34''

    [8] Karala Donka goveda - Arranged by Kalin Kirkov 4'45''

    [9] Pil Bogdan vino cherveno - Arranged by Galya Petrova 2'35''

    [10] Haide Goche - Arranged by Stoyan Varnaliev 4'10''

    [11] Razbolyala sa e Ganka - Arranged by Ivan Georgiev 2'29''

    [12] Mama si stana budeshe - Arranged by Vladimir Vladimirov 5'04''

    [13] Prosadi, sinko, tui bulche - Arranged by Ivan Georgiev 3'11''

    [14] Dobre mi doshel Draginko - Arranged by Galya Petrova 4'23''

    [15] Bulya Stoyan dumashe - Arranged by Stoyan Varnaliev 2'48''

    DDD 53'13''

  • Participating Artists

    Stoyan Slavov (kaval), Victor Georgiev (kaval), Krassimir Feziev (kaval), Galya Petrova (gadulka), Vladimir Vladimirov (tambura, bass), Ivan Georgiev (bagpipe)