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Voice of The Rhodopes · Mladen Koinarov

With a repertoire that includes traditional folk songs and original compositions, Mladen Koinarov captures the essence of the Rhodope Mountains and preserves the timeless beauty of its music. His performances are a mesmerizing blend of haunting melodies, mesmerizing rhythms, and evocative lyrics, transporting the audience to the heart of the Rhodope Mountains. With his unique vocal style and heartfelt delivery, Mladen Koinarov is a true ambassador of the Rhodope musical heritage, inviting listeners to experience the magic of this enchanting region through his timeless and captivating performances. His powerful and emotive voice,  brings to life the soul-stirring melodies and heartfelt lyrics of the region's folk songs. 

Immerse yourself in the enchanting sound of the Rhodopes and experience the magic of this timeless tradition through the incomparable artistry of Mladen Koynarov.

Voice of The Rhodopes · Mladen Koinarov

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  • [1] Bre Ivane, bre chobane 6’52’’

    [2] Devoiko, mari hubava  1’54’’

    [3] Dobre ta vidyah, yunache  3’13’’

    [4] Zagalil beh, zamalil beh  3’04’’

    [5] Kitka ti viya, yunache   1’35’’

    [6] Leilinko, kuzum pilentse   2’33’’

    [7] Male, stara maichinku   2’54’’

    [8] Mela i Rada dvorove  1’37’’

    [9] Mesechinko lyo, greilivka   1’59’’

    [10] Mome, mome, malkai mome 2’31’’

    [11] Mari momiche  4’09’’

    [12] Sluntse se sbira  3’35’’

    [13] Pukni se, tresni, momina maiko 2’29’’

    [14] Rada Stoyanu vikashe  4’36’’

    [15] Sin mi si plamen naklala  4’18’’

    [16] Stopilo mi e pilyantse  5’30’’

    [17] Momichentse malo  2’08’’

    [18] Ta chuli li ste, ne li ste  2’08’’

    [19] Hodi li, Sevdo, po selo 2’48’’

    Total: 60’03’’

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