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A Whiff оf Strandja · Kalinka Zgurova [2CD]

Our "Whiff оf Strandja" is the latest offering from the renowned Bulgarian folk vocalist, Kalinka Zgurova, and is a double album that will delight her devoted fans and connoisseurs of Strandja folk music. This collection features some of her original repertoire, which has been recorded over the span of three decades, showcasing her growth and evolution as an artist. In line with her previous releases, such as "Voice of Strandja" and "Strandja Folk Songs", this album serves as a testament to Zgurova's deep connection to the rich musical traditions of the Strandja region. With her emotive and powerful voice, Zgurova continues to captivate audiences and preserve the essence of Bulgarian folk music for future generations.

Her creative life can be summarized by her words: "My vocation is to be a folk singer, to give joy and pleasure to people, and this is my greatest pride."

A Whiff оf Strandja · Kalinka Zgurova [2CD]


CD 1
[1] A Soft Wind is Blowing 4:26 
[2]  Go Kalino Nedo 3:22
[3] Yana, Pick Me Some White Grapes 3:12
[4] Beautiful Rada Is Coming Up the Road 2:24
[5] Stoyan Was Telling Dragana 4:34
[6] Mariyka Boasted 2:31
[7] When Two People Love Each Other 2:22 
[8] On St. John’s Eve 3:39
[9] Todorka Says to Her Big Brother 2:39
[10] A Boy from Zagore Came 2:45
[11] Kalinka Was Swinging 3:17 
[12] Fair Russians Have Come 2:26 
[13] On the Seashore 3:26 
[14] Dimitar Said to Valkana 2:30 
[15] Hajduks Came out 5:17 
[16] I Heard a Word Last Night 2:32 
[17] Come on, Friend 4:07
DDD 55:37  

CD 2
[1] Tell Us, Forest 4:34
[2] Zagorko, Take the Sheep to Graze 1:56 
[3] Alexi is Sitting in the Shop 3:11 
[4] Mariyka is Sitting Down 2:42 
[5] My Love is Saddling the Horse 4:15  
[6] Stoyan Is Getting Ready to Start 3:23 
[7] White Stana Was Picking up Dittany 2:48
[8] Indje Said to His Mother 3:32 
[9] There Were no Young Lads for Doina 3:07
[10] They Have Gathered Together 4:52 
[11] Doino Said to Kalina 2:57     
[12] Indje Said to the Group 5:11 
[13] She Became Famous 2:58 
[14] Todoro deli Dimova 2:20 
[15] On Good Easter 2:57
[16] Dragana Is Walking Through the Vineyard 3:23
[17] Mother, Come on Out 2:42
[18] Stoyan Was Coming Up the Road 3:06
DDD 59:53

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