This is the first release of one of the most praised and denied creative artists of the Bulgarian school of composing. His works have always been subject to controversy, most often ending with the repudiation of the respective opus. Still, with his very first compositions he established himself as an innovator, vanguard author, relentless to the commonplace and the conventional in constant search of new roads for the Bulgarian musical output. The album has the character of a retrospection tracing down the development of a talent. The combination of Iliev's Concerto Grosso (1949-50) - one of his earliest works in the traditions of post-neoclassicism, with his Fragments (1968) and his last Sixth Symphony (1984-85), gives an idea of the author's enormous creative and intellectual potential. Iliev himself conducts his Fragments, dedicated to the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra directed by him with love and inspiration. The other conductors featured in this CD, Vassil Kazandjiev and Yordan Dafov, are two of the composer's closest friends and colleagues.