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Folk songs arrangements became very popular in Bulgaria after the 50s of the last century. A great number of folk songs and dances ensembles were founded then and many of the young composers saw this as an opportunity to write songs for their repertoire. This generation of authors became real classics in the folk genre. Anastas Naumov is one of them. We have already presented the music of Stefan Kanev (GD 298, GD 352) and Kosta Kolev . With the present release of works by Anastas Naumov we continue the Bulgarian Folk Heritage series.
After graduating from the Prof. Pancho Vladigerov National Academy of Music, Anastas Naumov devoted himself to folk music. For many years he was Head of the Folk Music Section at the Bulgarian National Radio – during this period a great part of the golden collection of radio recordings were made. Anastas Naumov is also a prolific composer. His works are in the repertoire of all folk ensembles in Bulgaria and almost all folk performers have worked with him. The composer is very well acquainted with the specific features of the folk regions as well as with the abilities of the performers. For this reason, his songs and instrumental melodies sound very close to the original. His wide professional experience and original talent are especially evident in the folk-based works. It is difficult to tell apart his own folk works from his arranged pieces. They all emanate the style and unique atmosphere of folk art.


  • Track Listing

    [1] Mandole 5’33’’

    [2] Vartelezhka 2’15’’

    [3] MelaiDoina 2’30’’

    [4] Galabugukat 3’51’’

    [5] LeleYane 3’18’’

    [6] Donabilebrala 3’01’’

    [7] Snoshti Kalina sgodihme 2’30’’

    [8] Che imam libe haidutin 4’49’’

    [9] Gankinata 5’02’’

    [10] San mi krade cherni ochi 4’29’’

    [11] Bre Ivane 0’55’’

    [12] Oplakala se gorata 3’16’’

    [13] Snoshti si mamo otidoh 4’33’’

    [14] Karai mome 4’46’’

    [15] Gaidarski melodii 8’13’’

    Total: 59’08’’

  • Performers

    Yanka Rupkina, Olga Borissova, Maria Voinova, Nikola Atanassov, choir and orchestra of the Bulgarian National Radio Folk Songs Ensemble, Dobroudja Ensemble, Philip Koutev Ensemble, choir of the Plovdiv Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts, orchestra of Dunav Ensemble, Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra, Stefan Mutafchiev, Dobrin Panayotov, Dimitar Dinev, Kostadin Buradjiev, Georgi Genov, Maria Leshkova, Gencho Genchev, Stefan Dragostinov, Krassimir Kyurkchiisky, Vassilka Spassova

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