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Anastas Naumov's work is deeply rooted in Bulgarian folklore and his music captures the essence of traditional Bulgarian culture. With a career spanning over several decades, Naumov has contributed significantly to the preservation and promotion of Bulgarian folk heritage. His compositions are celebrated for their authenticity and have been performed by numerous folk ensembles worldwide. 

The Bulgarian Folk Heritage · Anastas Naumov collection offers a captivating array of his most iconic works. Experience the beauty of Bulgarian folk heritage with the timeless works of Anastas Naumov.

Bulgarian Folk Heritage · Anastas Naumov

  • [1] Mandole 5’33’’

    [2] Vartelezhka 2’15’’

    [3] MelaiDoina 2’30’’

    [4] Galabugukat 3’51’’

    [5] LeleYane 3’18’’

    [6] Donabilebrala 3’01’’

    [7] Snoshti Kalina sgodihme 2’30’’

    [8] Che imam libe haidutin 4’49’’

    [9] Gankinata 5’02’’

    [10] San mi krade cherni ochi 4’29’’

    [11] Bre Ivane 0’55’’

    [12] Oplakala se gorata 3’16’’

    [13] Snoshti si mamo otidoh 4’33’’

    [14] Karai mome 4’46’’

    [15] Gaidarski melodii 8’13’’

    Total: 59’08’’

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