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Bulgarian Folk Heritage · Stefan Kanev, Vol. 2

Bulgarian Folk Heritage · Stefan Kanev, Vol. 2 is a timeless collection of traditional Bulgarian folk songs and dance music arranged by the esteemed composer and musician, Stefan Kanev (1930-1991). This album showcases Kanev's exceptional talent for arranging and composing some of the most exquisite and beloved pieces of Bulgarian folk music. With his academic background in music and his deep understanding of traditional Bulgarian music, Kanev's arrangements on this album are a testament to his skill and passion for preserving and celebrating Bulgaria's rich musical heritage. From lively dance tunes to hauntingly beautiful ballads, Bulgarian Folk Heritage · Stefan Kanev, Vol. 2 offers a captivating listening experience for anyone who appreciates the beauty and depth of Bulgarian folk music. Whether you're a seasoned fan of Bulgarian folk music or new to the genre, this album is a must-have addition to any music collection.

Bulgarian Folk Heritage · Stefan Kanev, Vol. 2


[1] Stoyan was saying to Dragana 4’35’’

[2] Hei, Neda 1’30’’

[3] A piece for kaval and orchestra 3’05’’

[4] Vena had run away 2’40’’

[5] Have supper, Rada 2’15’’

[6] Rumenka went to fetch water 2’50’’

[7] Don’t be in a hurry, Sun 3’18’’

[8] Tropanka from Kairyak 2’10’’

[9] Three nightingales are singing 3’50’’

[10] A chicken flew across the forest 2’00’’

[11] Danube rachenitsa 1’54’’

[12] Beautiful Rada comes from down the street 2’53’’

[13] Taxes are collected 2’32’’

[14] I passed by last night, mother 2’10’’

[15] Forest, why are you worried 3’20’’

[16] You, girl, you devil girl 3’15’’

[17] It is hard, mother, for the person who loves two maidens 2’23’’

[18] Good heavens, Yana 3’06’’

[19] Old father-in-law was saying to Yanka 2’25’’

[20] Eyes, black eyes 3’30’’

Total: 52’21’’

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