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The new series in the Gega New label: BULGARIAN FOLK HERITAGE will present the most famous composers connected with arrangement of Bulgarian folk music. The first release of this series is dedicated to the 75th anniversary from the birth of Stefan Kanev – one of the most prominent authors, who created real masterpieces in this field.

Ever since he graduated the Music Academy in Sofia, Bulgarian musical folklore became his destiny for life. His classical music education and rich culture was imprinted on his unique style. He always impressed with the precision and elegance of the music that he created and his deep penetration into the essence of the folk melody and lyrics. His songs and melodies have been sung and played by the best performers from all folk regions in Bulgaria: Verka Siderova, Ilia Argirov, Kalinka Zgurova, Staika Gyokova, Yovcho Karaivanov, Stoyan Velichkov, Nikola Atanassov and many others. The present album bears the name of one of these songs – “Oi, Devoiche”, performed by Ilia Argirov – a song loved not only in the Pirin region, but also in the whole country. Stefan Kanev contributed a lot to the development of folk choirs, orchestras, and ensembles. All ensembles in Bulgaria have his works in their repertoire.


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