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Snejanka Borissova is one of Bulgaria's most interesting Shoppe region singers. Being a performer of authentic folk songs, she is at the same time always ready to experiment and her most recent recordings are in the ethno-techno-folk style. She is closely connected with her native village of Lozen and has never stopped collecting and learning songs from that region. Many of these songs are prominent in the repertoire of the Philip Koutev Ensemble for Folk Songs and Dances, where Snejanka Borissova was soloist in the period 1982-2001. Her recordings for the Bulgarian National Radio made these songs popular throughout Bulgaria.

Her rich professional experience in the Philip Koutev Ensemble, as well as in other chamber formations like Trio Bulgarka-Penev and Lozenki Quintet, and her participation in the quartet of Bulgarian singers who recorded the soundtrack to Goran Bregovich's movie "Underground" speak of her as a performer not only of traditional folk songs, but also of some experimental genres. She has also performed the vocal parts in movie co-productions, including the Italian-American "Saint Paul" and "Julius Caesar". The Bulgarian audience remembers well her vocal participation in the theatre production of "The Gospel According to Mathew", a one-man show by Marius Kurkinsky, famous for his extravagant artistic taste. Even though these are only incident performances, they speak of her desire to look for new and various ways for making the Shoppe folk tradition more popular.


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  • [1] Raztsufte se bela Ruzha - arranged by B. Nankov 3'15''

    [2] Po pole odime - arranged by K. Kolev 1'36''

    [3] Sekoi fali Milya zagoryanka - * * * 4'08''

    [4] Oi shoppe, shoppe - arranged by H. Radanov 2'15''

    [5] Nishna se zvezda - arranged by D. Penev 2'56''

    [6] Premenila se Vassila - arranged by S. Baltakov 2'25''

    [7] Yano, zashto si rano begala - arranged by B. Nankov 2'52''

    [8] Poide Gera - arranged by G. Andreev 2'14''

    [9] Lilyano, ranobudnitse - arranged by K. Kolev 2'39''

    [10] Omraknala moma - arranged by H. Radanov 2'02''

    [11] Ima, nema - arranged by G. Andreev 2'32''

    [12] Ai, mari, raztsufte se - music by S. Dragostinov 1'46''

    [13] Zaigrala Dena - arranged by H. Radanov 1'43''

    [14] Razsardila se Dimana - * * * 3'04''

    [15] Sednali sa mi dva svata - arranged by B. Nankov 2'39''

    [16] Nena ima tsurni ochi - arranged by D. Penev 3'03''

    [17] Zakukala kukuvitsa - arranged by G. Andreev 2'20''

    [18] Slantseto treperi - arranged by M. Yordanov 2'10''

    [19] Naramila bela Deka - arranged by R. Genkov 1'54''

    [20] Oi Gine, Gine - arranged by R. Genkov 1'43''

    [21] Maika Yana nadaleko dava - arranged by D. Penev 2'34''

    [22] Gyuro pleni zemya armanashka - arranged by K. Kolev 2'21''

    [23] Otishlo e ludo mlado - arranged by H. Radanov 1'21''

    [24] Gramnalo, tresnalo - arranged by B. Nankov 3'18''

    [25] Sokol mi litna, Yano - arranged by H. Radanov 2'25''

    [26] Mori maikya Yana sitno plela - music by S. Dragostinov 1'43''

    [27] Chichovite konye - arranged by G. Andreev 2'36''

    DDD 65'34''

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