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Bulgarian Folk Heritage · Stefan Kanev

Whilst exploring the depths of Bulgarian folk music, Stefan Kanev composed some of the most beautiful and captivating pieces, which are now being presented in the new series, BULGARIAN FOLK HERITAGE from the Gega New label. This first release pays tribute to Kanev's 75th anniversary, celebrating his incredible contributions to the world of folk music. As a composer, explorer, and ethnographer, Kanev's work is cherished by those who appreciate the richness and authenticity of Bulgarian folk music. The series aims to honor and preserve the legacy of the best folk music composers and arrangers, with Kanev's artistry paving the way for a truly unforgettable musical experience. With his timeless masterpieces and intricate arrangements, Stefan Kanev's influence on Bulgarian folk music continues to be felt around the world.

Bulgarian Folk Heritage · Stefan Kanev, Vol. 1


[1] Godini, godini 4'43''

[2] Esikiysko horo 3'34''

[3] Prochu se moma Nedelya 2'34''

[4] Ya kazhi, goro, produmai 4'33''

[5] Oi, Devoiche 3'17''

[6] Mesechinko lyo 3'20''

[7] Vila moma zelen zdravetz 2'29''

[8] Kurharmanski melodii 3'55''

[9] Ah, mari, zapialo e pile 3'36''

[10] Stano, mari 3'37''

[11] Ya vurvi, kalino Nedo 3'21''

[12] Veliko, mome, Veliko 1'23''

[13] Pesen i ruchenitsa 3'44''

[14] Tih viatur vee 4'25''

[15] Lyubili sa se, lyubili 3'07''

[16] Redom haiduti izliazli 5'16''

[17] Krivo horo 2'37''

Total: 59'31''

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