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Svetozar Ivanov always presents interesting programs to be appreciated by piano lovers. They include pieces by composers from the 18th century to the present day – a wide variety of epochs and genres.
He is born in Bulgaria, holds degrees from the Bulgarian National Conservatory and University of Michigan (Doctor of Musical Arts); he is a piano professor at University of South Florida, serves as Artist Faculty at Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival in Vermont, Artistic Director of the Steinway Piano Series in Florida, member of the jury of international piano competitions and festivals in Greece, Crete, Bulgaria; recitalist and orchestra soloist of leading orchestras in Europe and North America, gives recitals at universities throughout the US – this is really an amazing achievement! Along with this, the pianist has made recordings of works and composers who are known or not so well-known, released on the Gega New label: “Vers la flamme”, “Naked Tango” , “Echo”, and “Short Works for Violin and Piano by Nikolai Roslavets, together with violinist Carolyn Stuart.
Svetozar Ivanov describes his new album “Dream Images” as “… a journey enclosed by two pieces by George Crumb – Rain-Death Variations and Love-Death Music. Inside this journey, the music guides us from the romantic and fantasy-like world of Alexander Scriabin’s second sonata, through the enigmatic stillness of Luciano Berio’s Encores, to the hammering hyper expressivity of Galina Ustvolskaya’s 6th sonata. With unexpected transitions, connections, and returns, this CD is like a dream in which, as the quote by Borges that serves as program notes suggests, “we are wakened not out of sleep, but into a prior dream, and that dream lies within another, and so on, to infinity…”.

The four drawings in the cover were painted by Svetlyn Stuart Ivanov (b. 2009), the son of Svetozar Ivanov.


  • Track Listing

    [1] Rain-Death Variations - from Makrokosmos II - George Crumb 2:00
    Sonata Fantasy (Sonata No. 2), Op. 19 - Alexander Scriabin
    [2] I. Andante 8:15
    [3] II. Presto 4:13
    [4] Wasserklavier - Luciano Berio 1:58
    [5] Erdenklavier - Luciano Berio 1:37
    3 Preludes from 24 Preludes, Op. 11 - Alexander Scriabin
    [6] No. 10 1:17
    [7] No. 11 1:52
    [8] No. 12 1:37
    3 Preludes from 12 Preludes for Piano - Galina Ustvolskaya
    [9] IV. 1:42
    [10] XII. 1:12
    [11] V. 1:26
    3 Preludes from 24 Preludes, Op. 11 - Alexander Scriabin
    [12] No. 17 0:46
    [13] No. 13 1:27
    [14] No. 14 1:06
    [15] Brin - Luciano Berio 1:53
    [16] Luftklavier 3:20
    [17] Piano Sonata No. 6 - Galina Ustvolskaya 6:15
    [18] Dream Images (Love-Death Music) - from Makrokosmos I - George Crumb 4:36

    DDD 46:36

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    Svetozar Ivanov, piano

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