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The multimedia project Perpetual Tango was inspired by Jean Cocteau’s 1930 film “Le sang d’un poète” (“The Blood of a Poet”). Created almost 90 years ago, this film is still of interest today. The eternal questions about the artist and his work, disappointment and suffering, life and death continue to affect both artists and audience. They appear in the parts of the programme: Creation, Obsession, Death and Mystery. The music selected for the parts is interpreted in a brilliant manner by pianist Svetozar Ivanov, who is Professor of Piano at University of South Florida and has given concerts in many countries in Europe and the USA. He surprises us again with his unconventional project and huge imagination, as indeed he did in his previous five CD releases:  Vers la flamme, Naked Tango, Pieces by Nikolai Roslavets, Echo, and Dream Images. Collaborators and equal partners in accomplishing this project are: Bliss Kohlmyer - dancer, choreographer and teacher of modern ballet at the University of South Florida, and Dora Arreola (Mexico) - founder and Artistic Director of Mujeres en Ritual Danza Teatro, who has directed more than 30 productions, taught master classes, dance classes and students at the University of South Florida.


  • Track Listing

    first episode: Creaturae
    [1] Erik Satie - Le tango perpétuel 2:48
    [2] Igor Stravinsky – Tango 4:03
    [3] Samuel Barber - Hesitation Tango 3:36

    second episode: Obsessio
    [4] John Cage - Perpetual Tango 4:50
    [5] Alexander Scriabin - Sonata Fantasy, op. 19. Andante 8:15
    [6] Alexander Scriabin - Vers la flamme, op. 72 5:05

    third episode: Mortem
    [7] Alexander Scriabin - Five Preludes, op. 74 6:20

    epilogue: Mysterium
    [8] Henry Cowell - Aeolian Harp 2:21
    [9] Henry Cowell - The Banshee 4:27
    DDD 55:00

  • Participating

    Bliss Kohlmyer – dance, choreography
    Svetozar Ivanov – piano

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