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The lively rhythm and melodic tunes of this dance music will transport you to the heart of Bulgarian folklore, with its rich traditions and vibrant culture. The album features skilled musicians playing the traditional Bulgarian instruments, such as the gaida, kaval, and tambura, ensuring an authentic and immersive experience for fans of Bulgarian folk music. 

Immerse yourself in the spirit of Bulgaria and witness the artistry and passion of this timeless musical tradition. Let the Folk Dances from Bulgaria · Danubian Daichovo Horo take you on a journey through the rich and vibrant world of Bulgarian folk dances.

Folk Dances from Bulgaria · Danubian Daichovo Horo

  • [1] Danubian Daichovo Horo     3:26
    arranged by Vassil Purvanov    
    Ruchenik with a Quarter of a Bushel 2:29
    (Ruchenik s shinitsi)
    music Kostadin Bouradjiev            
    Gonenitsa     4:53
    music Marian Shterev                    
     Suite from Northern Bulgaria    4:20
    music Hristofor Radanov            
    Opas from Silistra    3:47
    arranged by Kostadin Bouradjiev        
    Paidoushko Horo 2:43  
    music Delcho Mitev and Hristofor Radanov        
     Shareno Horo (Multi-Coloured Horo) 2:39
    music Georgi Andreev    
    Bouenek     3:13
    music Alexander Raichev and Hristofor Radanov        
     Thracian Tunes for Bagpipe 2:03
    music Peter Kostadinov        
     Pravo Severnyashko Horo 2:50
    arranged by Vassil Purvanov    
    Petrunino Horo     2:31
    music Georgi Andreev                
    Kasumsko Horo    2:45
    arranged by Kostadin Bouradjiev        
    Petrovsko Elenino 3:48
    arranged by Vassil Purvanov            
     Daichovo Horo 3:02
    music Georgi Petrov and Hristofor Radanov        
    Whisk Your Pigskin Sandal (Brusni tsurvoul) 2:41
    music Stefan Moutafchiev     
    The Long One (Dulgata) 4:25
    arranged by Vassil Purvanov    
    Yambolska Ruchenitsa 2:58
    music Krustyo Dimov and Hristofor Radanov    
    DDD 54:32


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