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Dobrudja is a unique folk region that has produced songs preserved by the Bulgarians beyond the boundaries of the country, together with local tunes which have inevitably been influenced by the neighbouring folk regions. This variety of layers has created the specific character of the Dobrudja music and dance art. Rarely, however, do folk-music lovers have a chance to experience its beauty the way it is presented by Galina Durmushliyska, with exquisiteness and style. She began singing at an early age and was trained in the school of the Dobrudja Ensemble in the town of Dobrich. Having made numerous recordings for the Bulgarian National Radio, the singer does not limit herself to the already familiar songs but rather continues exploring little known folk samples, still existing in the small Dobrudja villages. Some of these have been included in this release "Voice of Dobrudja". Together with songs from North and South Dobrudja (North Dobrudja is now in the territory of Romania), the singer has included in her programme songs from Bessarabia and a tune which Mita Stoicheva, the famous folk singer, never recorded. The booklet notes to the release contain detailed information about them and indications to the exact origination of the songs, something that is seldom done in similar editions. Durmushliyska performs these songs with gratitude and love for the people from whom she has inherited them, thus creating real gems of vocal folk art.


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  • [1] Radka Was Telling Her Mother - Kosta Kolev 4'27"

    [2] Last Night I Went to the Springs - Music Georgi Petkov 1'41"

    [3] Krastov Day Is Here - Music Georgi Petkov 2'53"

    [4] Kalya Was Reaping the Crop - Music Georgi Petkov 2'22"

    [5] Yanka Was Telling Her Mother - *** 1'27"

    [6] Three Days of Thunder - Music Petar Krumov 2'18"

    [7] Hey, You Shepherd - Music Theodosii Spassov 2'18"

    [8] Hey, You Aunt - Music Petar Krumov 1'55"

    [9] The Maiden Manolka Became Famous - Music Petar Krumov 4'57"

    [10] Song About the Bagpiper-boy - Music Theodosii Spassov 1'55"

    [11] When You Hear Me Singing - *** 4'50"

    [12] The Walnut Tree Is Growing Strong - Music Georgi Andreev 1'41"

    [13] What Years We Lived to See - Music Georgi Andreev 2'20"

    [14] Ivan Was Speaking to Donka - *** 1'56"

    [15] You Girl, Irinko - Music Petar Krumov 1'44"

    [16] Lazar, Are You Happy? - Music Georgi Andreev 1'36"

    [17] The Dobrudja Song - *** 4'32"

    [18] Dark Fog Has Fallen - Music Georgi Andreev 1'51"

    [19] Radka Has Fallen in Love with Nikola - Music Kosta Kolev 1'52"

    [20] A Maiden Lost Her Way in the Wood - Music Georgi Petkov 2'03"

    [21] Stoyan Grazed the Lambs - Music Kosta Kolev 1'45"

    [22] The Morning Star Dennitsa Has Risen - Music Georgi Petkov 4'51"

    DDD 58'18"

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