The Thracian folklore region of Bulgaria is famous for its many prominent singers and musicians. Thanks to them the Thracian vocal and instrumental style reached every corner of the country and it also became present in contemporary forms of folk art and composer’s art.
Elena Gramatikova (1939-2005) is one of the many folk stars of Thrace, who brought fame to her native land not only in Bulgaria but also world-wide. Having learned the folk songs passed down by relatives and friends, the singer performed with success in Bulgaria, France, Germany, Austria, Russia and many other countries. She has over 120 performances recorded for the Bulgarian National Radio, Radio Stara Zagora, Radio Plovdiv, Radio Varna, as well as Radio Soleil – France (1984). Elena Gramatikova participated in countless concerts during her 36-year carrier as soloist of the Thracian Ensemble for Folk Songs and Dances, Yambol. Her need to feel the living tradition connects her with one of the most popular wedding orchestras ''Kanarite'', and for 15 years she delighted her admirers in their happiest day. And just as in old days the more experienced people passed down to the younger singers their skills and experience, the singer dedicated many years of her career in teaching the talented children of the music schools in Kotel, Shiroka Luka and the Plovdiv Academy of Music.
She is recipient of many prizes, gold medals and state awards. But it seems that the poet Marko Nedyalkov expresses in the best way the opinion of her admirers: ''… Time has evaluated Elena’s talent and perhaps one day her name will become a legend because she embodies the beautiful, everlasting folk song.''


  • Track Listing

    [1] What a Horo Dance – arr. Stefan Kanev 2:25

    [2] Stoyan Thought to Go – arr. Hristo Urumov 3:28

    [3] They Have Gathered – arr. Kosta Kolev 4:56

    [4] They Started on Their Way – arr. Dimitar Trifonov 3:16

    [5] You, Beautiful Elena – arr. Stefan Kanev, lyrics Elena Gramatikova 3:19

    [6] Mother, I Dreamed a Dream – arr. Kosta Kolev, lyrics Elena Gramatikova 4:29

    [7] A Tax is Collected – arr. Stefan Kanev 2:35

    [8] Tell Me, Yanko, Tell Me – arr. Kosta Kolev, lyrics Elena Gramatikova 4:58

    [9] Petko Gave Rada a Ring – arr. Stoyan Gagov 2:54

    [10] Rebels Came to the Village – arr. Kosta Kolev 5:39

    [11] Early to Rise, Maiden – arr. Kosta Kolev, lyrics Elena Gramatikova 3:38

    [12] Stana Went to Fetch Water – arr. Stefan Kanev 1:51

    [13] Grandmother Said to Zornitsa – arr. Kosta Kolev 3:02

    [14] Yanka Gathered People to Help – arr. Kosta Kolev, lyrics Elena Gramatikova 2:27

    [15] Mother, They Descended from the Top – arr. Kosta Kolev 3:19

    [16] Rada Was Weaving a Cloth – arr. Kosta Kolev 4:53

    [17] Yana, Dark-Eyed Yanka – arr. Kosta Kolev 2:55

    [18] Three Hundred Guns Have Cracked – arr. Stoyan Gagov 5:50

    DDD: 65’52’’

  • Participating

    Bulgarian National Radio Folk Orchestra; Radio Plovdiv Folk Music Orchestra; Choir and Orchestra of the Thracian Ensemble for Folk Songs and Dances, Yambol; Instrumental Group from Yambol

    Conductors: Kosta Kolev, Hristo Urumov, Dobrin Panayotov, Hristofor Radanov, Georgi Noykov, Stoyan Gagov