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Elena Gramatikova (1939-2005), has left an indelible mark on the music scene, with her timeless performances and contributions to preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of Bulgaria. 
With this album, fans of Bulgarian folk music can experience the captivating and hauntingly beautiful voice of Elena Gramatikova, as she brings to life and storytelling of Thracian folklore. Her performances were filled with passion and her unique interpretations captivated audiences everywhere and influence contemporary folk artists. 
This collection of songs showcases the depth and beauty of Elena Gramatikova's voice. Her unique vocal style and ability to convey the emotion and depth of traditional Thracian songs has earned her the title of one of the most influential folk singers in Bulgaria.

Voice of Thrace · Elena Gramatikova

  • [1] What a Horo Dance – arr. Stefan Kanev 2:25

    [2] Stoyan Thought to Go – arr. Hristo Urumov 3:28

    [3] They Have Gathered – arr. Kosta Kolev 4:56

    [4] They Started on Their Way – arr. Dimitar Trifonov 3:16

    [5] You, Beautiful Elena – arr. Stefan Kanev, lyrics Elena Gramatikova 3:19

    [6] Mother, I Dreamed a Dream – arr. Kosta Kolev, lyrics Elena Gramatikova 4:29

    [7] A Tax is Collected – arr. Stefan Kanev 2:35

    [8] Tell Me, Yanko, Tell Me – arr. Kosta Kolev, lyrics Elena Gramatikova 4:58

    [9] Petko Gave Rada a Ring – arr. Stoyan Gagov 2:54

    [10] Rebels Came to the Village – arr. Kosta Kolev 5:39

    [11] Early to Rise, Maiden – arr. Kosta Kolev, lyrics Elena Gramatikova 3:38

    [12] Stana Went to Fetch Water – arr. Stefan Kanev 1:51

    [13] Grandmother Said to Zornitsa – arr. Kosta Kolev 3:02

    [14] Yanka Gathered People to Help – arr. Kosta Kolev, lyrics Elena Gramatikova 2:27

    [15] Mother, They Descended from the Top – arr. Kosta Kolev 3:19

    [16] Rada Was Weaving a Cloth – arr. Kosta Kolev 4:53

    [17] Yana, Dark-Eyed Yanka – arr. Kosta Kolev 2:55

    [18] Three Hundred Guns Have Cracked – arr. Stoyan Gagov 5:50

    DDD: 65’52’’

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