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Theodosii Spassov, “the best kaval on the planet”, presents yet another original programme (so far Gega New has released five of his albums). In this CD the pieces were recorded together with the Big Band of the Bulgarian National Radio. Against the background of the orchestra sound, the release also includes two works for piano and kaval.
Theodosii Spassov is the first Bulgarian musician who successfully synthesizes Bulgarian folk music with other genres, mostly jazz. His first attempts were in his student years, and his project with Milcho Leviev (1990) leads him to the world stage. This is followed by his concerts with Albert Mangelsdorf, with the percussionist from India Trilok Gurtu, the ethno-jazz stars Rabih Abou-Khalil and Glen Velez, the Canadian singer Kareen Young, Andy Sheppard, Mark Johnson, the Greek musicians Dionisis Savopulos, Kostas Theodorou, the world- famous Riverdance formation... Theodosii Spassov has played with almost all Bulgarian jazz musicians. Recently, he has cooperated with colleagues from the Balkan countries. Together they have launched two projects – “Balkan Horses” and “Balkan Winds.
His music has been warmly applauded in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Finland, Germany, Greece, Holland, India, Israel, Japan, Nepal, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, the U.K., the USA and many more countries.


  • Track Listing

    [1] Personification – music Theodosii Spassov 3’09’’

    [2] Rachenitsa – music Staiko Staikov 4’52’’

    [3] Something Beautiful – music Theodosii Spassov 5’09’’

    [4] Nostalgy for the Village – music Theodosii Spassov and Milen Kukosharov 5’08’’

    [5] Nestinari (Fire Dancers) – music Krassimir Miletkov 4’02’’

    [6] You Are not Alone – music Stefan Dimitrov 2’53’’

    [7] Tuesday, 1st of April – music Theodosii Spassov and Milen Kukosharov 4’37’’

    [8] Gizdavitsi – music Staiko Staikov 2’40’’

    [9] Ballad of a Puffed-up Gaida – music Theodosii Spassov 4’30’’

    [10] Shope Song – music Krassimir Miletkov 3’24’’

    [11] Bacillus Bulgaricus – music Krassimir Miletkov 4’52’’

    [12] Dobrudja Tease Song – music Krassimir Miletkov 2’13’’

    [13] Better Get it in your Soul – music Charlie Mingus 4’14’’

    [14] Duck Soup – music Theodosii Spassov 3’46’’

    DDD 55’41’’

  • Participating

    Theodosii Spassov, Milen Kukosharov, Mihail Yosifov, Ognyan Veskov

    Big Band of BNR, Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra

    Conductors: Willy Kazassian, Yanko Miladinov

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