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Introducing the Theodosii Spassov · Welkya, a dynamic and captivating musical masterpiece that showcases the talent and creativity of the legendary artist. Inspired by the mythical and the impossible, Welkya transforms these elements into a captivating sound reality that is as unexpected as it is mesmerizing. The unique musical style of Theodosii Spassov shines through in every note, as he weaves together folk influences with his signature wit and humor, leaving audiences amazed and enchanted. Even in the pronouncedly folk pieces, his musical witticisms and jokes surprise and amaze, showcasing his exceptional talent and artistry. This compositions is a testament to Theodosii Spassov's ability to push boundaries and create a truly unforgettable performance.


  • A legend from Kyustendil region has it: a poor woman had naughty and always hungry children. She got tired of working for the daily bread, which was never enough for her children; she got tired of being kept responsible for their mischief and cursed them. She herself turned into a welkya (night tawny owl). But then her anger receded and she keeps looking for her children to the present day.

Theodosii Spassov · Welkya

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