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Theodosii Spassov's album "Titla" is a mesmerizing blend of traditional Bulgarian folklore and contemporary jazz. The album's title, "Titla," carries the meaning of "hard soil" according to the Kostenets dialect, reflecting the rich cultural heritage and deep roots of the music. As the sixth album released by Gega New, Spassov shines both as a performer and a composer, showcasing his virtuosity and innovation. For fans of the musician, "Titla" is a testament to Spassov's limitless talent for improvisation and his ongoing evolution as an artist. With its captivating melodies and masterful execution, "Titla" is a must-have for those seeking to experience the best of Spassov's performance.

Theodosii Spassov · Titla

  • [1] Shake It, Gergina 2'18''

    [2] Straldja Rachenitsa 1'42''

    [3] In the President's Bedroom 4'44''

    [4] Oh Those Years - traditional 4'19''

    [5] At the Carding-Frame in Kubrat 5'08''

    [6] Levochevski Patatnik 2'48''

    [7] Share-room Brothers 6'33''

    [8] The Mountain Got Dark 1'59''

    [9] Titla (Tropanka) 2'31''

    [10] You Bird, You Nightingale 3'15''

    [11] Wood-Nymph Dance 2'41''

    [12] Duckling Soup 3'41''

    [13] Little Sun - traditional 1'52''

    [14] Our Horo 5'49''

    [15] Cradle Over the Sea 3'39''

    [16] Yanka Karakachanka 3'21''

    [17] In the Pigsty 3'06''

    [18] When I Was a Shepherd - lyrics by Ivan Vazov 1'55''

    DDD 61'21''

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