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"Titla" means hard soil according to the Kostenets dialect. This is the sixth album of Theodosii Spassov, released by Gega New. He is featured here both as a performer and a composer. For those who follow the musician's development, the programme is yet another proof of his unlimited talent to improvise, to combine different styles and genres and to amaze his listeners. Just as in the previous releases, we see his cooperation here with other fellow musicians.


  • Track Listing

    [1] Shake It, Gergina 2'18''

    [2] Straldja Rachenitsa 1'42''

    [3] In the President's Bedroom 4'44''

    [4] Oh Those Years - traditional 4'19''

    [5] At the Carding-Frame in Kubrat 5'08''

    [6] Levochevski Patatnik 2'48''

    [7] Share-room Brothers 6'33''

    [8] The Mountain Got Dark 1'59''

    [9] Titla (Tropanka) 2'31''

    [10] You Bird, You Nightingale 3'15''

    [11] Wood-Nymph Dance 2'41''

    [12] Duckling Soup 3'41''

    [13] Little Sun - traditional 1'52''

    [14] Our Horo 5'49''

    [15] Cradle Over the Sea 3'39''

    [16] Yanka Karakachanka 3'21''

    [17] In the Pigsty 3'06''

    [18] When I Was a Shepherd - lyrics by Ivan Vazov 1'55''

    DDD 61'21''

  • With the participation of

     Theodosii Spassov (kaval, melodica, dvoyanka, vocal), Ognian Videv (guitar), Rumen Toskov (piano, bass synthesizer), Yildiz Ibrahimova (vocal), Georgi Donchev (bass, gadulka), Stoyan Yankulov (tupan, percussion, tarambuka), Galina Durmushliyska (vocal), Ateshhan Yuseinov (guitar), Hristo Yotsov (percussion), Western Disricts Vocal Quartet (Pavlina Gorcheva, Slavyana Ivanova, Sofia Ilieva, Natalia Ivanova); Kiril Georgiev (percussion), Elena Dineva (vocal), Georgi Petrov (gadulka), Dimitar Todorov (bagpipie), Robert Kumbeliev (bass), Lyubomir Vladimirov (tambura), Simeon Shterev (flute), Vesselin Ivanov (bass), Danislav Kehayov (vocal); Bulgarian National Radio Folk Orchestra, conducted by Hristofor Radanov

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