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Beyond the Frontiers is the title of the CD with music by Theodosii Spassov, a phenomenon in Bulgarian art of performing, who does not fit in the traditional concept of a kaval-player and musician. In fact he was the first to have "transferred" the kaval from folk to classical music and jazz, turning it into an instrument capable of expressing a broad range of feelings, moods and images. The CD features film music composed and in most of the recordings performed by Theodosii Spassov, the capacities of whose kaval are indeed beyond the frontier. The pleasure of experiencing Spassov's art is immense for both amateurs and professionals. The latter will appreciate the unique synthesis of thematic structure, form, invention, folklore, image and sound.

Theodosii Spassov · Beyond the Frontiers

  • Music from the films: 'The Frontier", "History of Fear",

    "Gori, Gori, Oganche", "Dream Hunters", "Tidings"


    [1] The Frontier 3'32''

    [2] Mad Forest 1'38''

    [3] Fire Dancer 1'38''

    [4] Mother's Song 2'04''

    [5] Coloured Glass 3'54''

    [6] Bojoura (to Boyka) 4'38''

    [7] Act 2'26''

    [8] The Road To Mugla 2'05''

    [9] Thirsty River 5'16''

    [10] Gypsy Woman 3'03''

    [11] Dream Hunters 1'25''

    [12] Wager 2'07"

    [13] Wonder (arr. Th. Spassov) 5'05''

    [14] Zlatolist 1'19''

    [15] Monk 1'39''

    [16] Tidings 5'19''

    [17] Beyond The Frontiers 3'31''

    DDD 51'47''

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