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The album Sinfonia is a must-have for any fan of contemporary classical music. It is an exquisite musical journey of exploration and discovery, full of captivating and unexpected sounds which develop with incredible flexibility in a unified harmony and unfold a fascinating kaleidoscope, unlocking an impressive musical picture. Yassen Vodenitcharov is a masterful composer and his music is an exciting combination of contemporary and classical elements, which will surely delight and inspire.

In his work, Vodenitcharov is inspired by various arts: cinema, literature, fine arts; he is interested in ancient cultures, myths and legends; he creates interesting combinations of voices and instruments and thus achieves a lasting impact on the listeners.

Sinfonia · Yassen Vodenitcharov

  • [1] Rubaiyat  14’18” 
    Five Wine Songs by Poems of Omar Khayyam  

    (Commissioned by Radio France), Live Recording
    [2] Sounds and Whisper from The Crystal Forest    13’16’’
    Concerto for piano and orchestra 
    Dedicated to Desislava Shtereva
    (Live Recording)
    [3] Apocrypha  07’10”
    (Tribute to Andrei Tarkovsky)

    Electroacoustic Piece
    [4] Sand Songs   15’12”
    Concerto for saxophone and ensemble                
    Live Recording                
    ] Sinfonia   24’12”
    (By a Poem of  Liubomir Vodenitcharov) 

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