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Welcome to the world of Dobroudja Ensemble's Folk Songs & Dance, a captivating showcase of traditional Bulgarian music and dance. This CD is a dedication to the region of Dobroudja, known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant folk traditions. The selection of music not only features Dobroudja's unique melodies, but also presents a variety of folk songs from other regions of Bulgaria. Artistic director Kostadin Bouradjiev and his team have curated a program that highlights the diverse and authentic folk music of Bulgaria, showcasing the ensemble's impeccable talent and dedication to preserving this cultural treasure.

Dobroudja Ensemble · Folk Songs & Dance

  • [1] Song (Impression) - music Kostadin Bouradjiev 2'10''

    [2] Orchestral Suite - music Kostadin Bouradjiev 7'00''

    [3] Ivan Said to Rada - music Nikolai Kaufmann 3'23''

    [4] Opas from Silistra - arr. Kostadin Bouradjiev 3'47''

    [5] Christmas Songs & Dances - music Kostadin Bouradjiev 3'51''

    [6] Two St. Lazar's Day Songs - music Nikolai Kaufmann 2'13''

    [7] Kasumsko Horo - arr. Kostadin Bouradjiev 2'46''

    [8] The Forest Wept - music Anastas Naumov 3'47''

    [9] Slow Song & Sborenka - arr. Kostadin Bouradjiev 4'14''

    [10] Todorka's Mother - music Kostadin Bouradjiev 2'14''

    [11] Ruka from Mali Izvor - music Kosta Kolev 1'58''

    [12] I Have A Haiduk Lover - music Anastas Naumov 4'13''

    [13] Two Snakes are Fighting in the Forest - arr. Kostadin Bouradjiev 2'05''

    [14] Selections From the Music and Dance Suite "Dobroudja - Song and Love" - music Kostadin Bouradjiev 7'47''

    DDD 52'32''

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