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Since its establishment, the Trakia Folk Ensemble - Plovdiv has become a phenomenon in the world of Bulgarian folk music, quickly gaining numerous admirers and followers. Similar ensembles soon sprang up throughout Bulgaria, uniting the talent of singers, instrumentalists, composers, conductors, and choreographers. The art of these ensembles eventually reached national and international triumph, with the Trakia Folk Ensemble - Plovdiv at the forefront. Known for their vibrant and authentic performances, the ensemble showcases the rich cultural heritage of Bulgaria through traditional music and dance. With their captivating performances and dedication to preserving Bulgarian folk traditions, the Trakia Folk Ensemble - Plovdiv continues to be a highly respected and celebrated group in the world of folk music.

Trakia Folk Ensemble - Plovdiv

  • [1] Grozdana (from "Thracian Dance") 1'13''

    [2] Fruknali sa dva galaba 2'04''

    [3] Ruzha ruzha sadi 1'42''

    [4] Ya stani, Minke 4'05''

    [5] Muri, ne li si sa naspala 2'42''

    [6] Gonenitsa 4'56''

    [7] Hei muri, kalum Kalino 2'37''

    [8] Sevdim Kalyo 5'44''

    [9] From "Festive Thracian Dance" 2'26''

    [10] Lazarskata 2'24''

    [11] Pirin Impression 2'22''

    [12] Two Songs from the Pirin Mountains 2'54''

    [13] Thracian Tunes for Bagpipe 2'05''

    [14] Sino Stuyane 1'53''

    [15] Sestro Dobrano, Dobranke 5'39''

    [16] Damyan tanets vodi 1'53''

    [17] Youth Suite 5'02''

    [18] Sokol mi litnal, Yano 6'07''

    [19] Kalino, dyulber Malino 3'10''

    DDD 60'58''

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