Bulgarian folklore was greatly appreciated by the first Bulgarian composers as a source of inspiration. Their first choir works based on the West-European tradition of composition are in fact arrangements of folk songs. Later, when the ensembles for folk songs were founded, Bulgarian folk music arrangement became a separate genre and marked a vigorous growth. Many of the composers created their own folk-based works and one of the most prominent of these composers was Stefan Mutafchiev (1942-1997). His greatest achievements were connected with Trakia Folk Ensemble. He is one of the founders and of the ensemble and its conductor for a very long time. It is thus natural that exactly this ensemble should represent a part of the composer’s work. The songs which have been selected for the album were written in different periods. Both his choir works and works for the ensemble are equally enchanting, and some of them represent the best songs in the repertoire of Trakia Ensemble and are greatly applauded at concerts in Bulgaria and throughout the world.