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The Trakia Folk Ensemble's album, Folk Songs & Dances, showcases their talent and dedication to preserving and celebrating the rich tradition of Bulgarian folk music and dance. The album features an authentic repertoire of folk songs, tunes, and dances from all over Bulgaria, continuing the tradition of the best formations in the country. With its captivating melodies and lively rhythms, this album is a delightful journey into the heart of Bulgarian folk music, showcasing the talent and passion of the Trakia Folk Ensemble.

Trakia Folk Ensemble · Folk Songs & Dances

  • Music by Stefan Moutafchiev

    [1] Eight spring songs 10'27''

    [2] Shope, Shope 3'18"

    Music by Peter Dinev

    [3] Stoyane, maike govori 1'43"

    [4] Tsutsul yunak 2'47"

    [5] Begala moma 3'22''

    [6] Devoichitse, lyubish li me 1'04"

    Music by Nikolai Kaufmann

    [7] Mito mori 1'57"

    Music by Krassimir Kyurkchiisky

    [8] Vetre le nenaveiniko 4'13"

    Music by Peter Lyondev

    [9] Rositse le 3'16"

    Music by Nikolai Kaufmann

    [10] Kaluger sliza ot manastir 2'44"

    Music by Tsvetan Tsvetkov

    [11] Razhodka 8'06"

    [12] Soloists' suite 6'38"

    Music by Stefan Moutafchiev

    [13] Hubava moma 6'56"

    DDD 57'00"

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