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The Dobroudja Folk Ensemble from Dobrich, Bulgaria, presents a captivating CD that showcases the unique musical traditions of the Dobroudja region. From the very first suite, the listener is transported to the Dobroudja atmosphere with the distinctive sounds of the concertina, kopanka (a small rebec), and bagpipe. The ensemble offers a diverse selection of songs and instrumental pieces that provide a comprehensive glimpse into the rich and vibrant music of Dobroudja. With their impeccable musical talent and deep connection to their cultural heritage, the  Dobroudja Folk Ensemble delivers a mesmerizing performance that is sure to delight fans of Bulgarian folk music. With this CD, listeners can experience the timeless beauty and soul-stirring melodies of Dobroudja music performed by this acclaimed ensemble.

The Dobroudja Folk Ensemble is a shining example of the rich Bulgarian folk music tradition.

Dobroudja Folk Ensemble - Dobrich

  • [1] Suite for Dobroudjanska Troika - music Kosta Kolev 3'52"

    [2] Damyan the Master Sat Down - music Krassimir Kyurkchiiski 4'14"

    [3] Plovdivsko Horo - music Tsvetan Tsvetkov 3'48"

    [4] I Shall Buy You a White Shirt - music Krassimir Kyurkchiiski 4'14"

    [5] Hey Petrounka - music Krassimir Kyurkchiiski 1'20"

    [6] Horo for Kaval - music Kostadin Bouradjiev 4'00"

    [7] The Pigeons Are Cooing - music Anastas Naumov 4'25"

    [8] Festive Suite - music Stefan Moutafchiev 3'44"

    [9] Suite of Chalukovo Tunes - music Tsvetan Tsvetkov 4'57"

    [10] Take Me, Take Me, Girl - music Krassimir Kyurkchiiski 2'36"

    [11] Concerto Piece for Folk Orchestra - music Hristo Ouroumov 5'38"

    [12] Ruchenik with a Quarter of a Bushel - music Kostadin Bouradjiev 2'29"

    [13] Yanka's Brother Said to Yanka - music Krassimir Kyurkchiiski 3'56"

    [14] Whisk Your Pigskin Sandals - music Stefan Moutafchiev 2'41"

    [15] Northern Motives - music Stefan Moutafchiev 6'27"

    DDD 57'14"

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