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The Dobroudja folk region presents a fascinating symbiosis between local and Thrace-Balkan styles, between traditional musical instruments (kopanka, bagpipe, kaval and tupan) and the established modern instrument, the concertina. It is this symbiosis that shapes up the unique Dobroudja manner of music-making.
As early as 1954, when the DOBROUDJA Ensemble was founded in the town of Dobrich, this folk style became emblematic of its repertoire. Owing to the talented singers, instrumentalists and dancers and their artistic directors, the greater part of the Dobroudja music and dances was preserved from oblivion. Even more, it is through their performances that it continues its life on the stage and in the sound recordings.
With the very first suite in this CD the listener is immersed in the Dobroudja atmosphere with the typical for this region formation of concertina, kopanka (a small rebec) and bagpipe. This is followed by several more songs and instrumental pieces which complete the overall picture of Dobroudja music. The performers defend their name of professionals, who interpret with ease the folklore of other regions as well - the Rhodope Mountains, Central West Bulgaria, Thrace and the North region of Bulgaria.


  • Track Listing

    [1] Suite for Dobroudjanska Troika - music Kosta Kolev 3'52"

    [2] Damyan the Master Sat Down - music Krassimir Kyurkchiiski 4'14"

    [3] Plovdivsko Horo - music Tsvetan Tsvetkov 3'48"

    [4] I Shall Buy You a White Shirt - music Krassimir Kyurkchiiski 4'14"

    [5] Hey Petrounka - music Krassimir Kyurkchiiski 1'20"

    [6] Horo for Kaval - music Kostadin Bouradjiev 4'00"

    [7] The Pigeons Are Cooing - music Anastas Naumov 4'25"

    [8] Festive Suite - music Stefan Moutafchiev 3'44"

    [9] Suite of Chalukovo Tunes - music Tsvetan Tsvetkov 4'57"

    [10] Take Me, Take Me, Girl - music Krassimir Kyurkchiiski 2'36"

    [11] Concerto Piece for Folk Orchestra - music Hristo Ouroumov 5'38"

    [12] Ruchenik with a Quarter of a Bushel - music Kostadin Bouradjiev 2'29"

    [13] Yanka's Brother Said to Yanka - music Krassimir Kyurkchiiski 3'56"

    [14] Whisk Your Pigskin Sandals - music Stefan Moutafchiev 2'41"

    [15] Northern Motives - music Stefan Moutafchiev 6'27"

    DDD 57'14"

  • Participating

    Assistant Conductors: Rossitsa Zhelyazkova and Zhivko Zhelev

    Concertmaster: Petko Zhelyazkov

    Soloists: Stefan Georgiev (concertina), Ivan Petrov (kopanka), Atanas Mitev (bagpipe), Alexander Djigov (bagpipe), Zhivko Zhelev (kaval), Petko Zhelyazkov (gadulka)

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